In the US, along with the SIC code, six-digit North American Industry Classification System (NAICS code) is also widely used. We can offer you both the SIC code and NAICS code of your targeted industry. You can click on the NAICS code categories mentioned below to get information about subcategory codes and counts.

What are NAICS Codes?

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is the standard used by Federal statistics agencies to categorize the business establishments based on the business activity. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) developed NAICS, which was adopted in 1997, to replace the SIC codes. NAICS was established for the collection, investigation, and publication of statistical data associated with the business economy of the United States.

How does eSalesData Assist Businesses?

Our NAICS code lookup section or tool can be utilized by the businesses to discover the enterprises within targeted industries for the marketing purposes. Our section of NAICS code lookup section comprises NAICS code search, which can derive exclusive results including NAICS classification page. Each of these pages comprises the below data:

  • A six digit NAICS Code
  • General Index title
  • The definition and scope of business operations for the specified code

The NAICS code list contains the six digit NAICS code, industry title, and the counts or number of the business establishments. Businesses can get benefitted by using the information in our NAICS Code Lookup section for marketing purposes. By discovering the NAICS codes of their principal clients from our NAICS code list, businesses can reach more customers within their industry.

What Can You Expect to Find with the NAICS Code?

  • Industrial classifications
  • Types of businesses in territories like the United States, Canada, and Mexico

What are the Uses of NAICS Code?

  • Serves as the first economic classification system
  • Tracks the economic activity
  • Succors businesses to recognize their potential customers that function in specific industries
  • Administrative, contracting, and tax purposes
  • Comparing the financial performance of entities in the same industry

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