Online automation is becoming very popular in today’s era. There is possibility to select the desired selling list, else event notification list. There is chance to back-out any time. There was a time where automation having tendency would find an alternative way to serve itself.

Beneficiaries of online automation

It was a time where any individual would have to go to any shop to buy any product. But in 90s there is usage of fast medium of online shopping, for the benefiting the customer. Order any product there would be online automation in that particular website to add on chart and later buy the product. This is time savvy for customers and the cost of transportation is utmost saved.

Additional offer providence

Let us consider a situation of buying a new water purifier in normal way of buying. But later after six months there should be maintainace provided to the water purifier. There would be additional websites that provide an option of online shopping of replacement of filters. There would be providence of additional discount for every purchase. Even if the customers forgets to replace the filters there would be automated mail generated in customer’s mailbox for further replacement as a alert message.

Unhelpful impact of online automation

At times when people would buy product online. The product will never get delivered on the same day. But instead there would be gap of about two days. There is no instant shopping provided. There would be situational instance, where the absence of customer at their home location would result in loss of the product. When the product is couriered to the location customer would not be present to receive their product. The product would be misplaced. The online automation would not bother if the product would not have delivered to the customer. Once it has reached the location the online automation will be automatically updated as sold for that product.