How can HRs make use of technology to strengthen the Virtual Team      

How can HRs make use of technology to strengthen the Virtual Team

How can HRs make use of technology to strengthen the virtual team

By Clara Lincy | Blog | January 17, 2022

Any company that has a virtual team working remotely is in for an interesting and demanding challenge. Human Resources departments can play a key role in making this work better, quicker and easier. As the saying goes, the right tool makes the Human resources list of jobs done with a huge difference.

Main technologies that HRs should focus on

Video conferencing


This takes care of the virtual face-to-face meeting between team members or clients which enables people to feel like they’re talking in person despite them being miles apart. The challenges with this technology include high cost and availability issues although it’s reasonably priced nowadays.

Collaboration tools

Collabration- tools

These are the apps that foster team-work by helping them communicate, share ideas, and get to know each other better. From simple things like shared calendars to more complicated collaborative features like document sharing or chat, this is where people can get together online and be productive at the same time without feeling isolated.

‣  Social networks


There are several social networks that already have Virtual Teams groups, sites that can help people connect with their peers outside of work hours which helps build trust and understanding between everyone involved in the project. Having said this, it’s important to note that Human Resources departments need to understand how these technologies are being used in order to prevent any misuse of time/infringement on the company’s policies.

Virtual HR Industry can set up Google Hangouts for their teams, create Facebook groups or even have their own Ning networks where team members can share tips, news, and best practices along with promoting each other’s work or helping when needed.

Any Human Resources department should know the challenges faced by Virtual Teams so they can be overcome in order to make sure projects run smoothly regardless of distance and time zone differences between team members.

The HR industry is taking new and better approaches and it is becoming more than just hiring and training people: HRs play a key role in nurturing strong relationships within Virtual Teams. The future looks promising as Human Resources’ role in big companies becomes more challenging and exciting.

Functions carried out by HRs using advanced technologyfunctions-carried-out-by-hrs-using-advanced-technology

  • Recruitement

With the latest tools and technologies in place, it has become possible to conduct recruitment via virtual interview sessions. Human Resources can implement this according to company policies and once candidates are selected, the Virtual Human Resources department can guide them through the induction process.

  • Training

Human Resources departments use technology in many ways to convey information across all levels of management or employees e.g., webinars, videos, etc.

  • Performance reviews/360-degree reviews

Human Resources professionals can use technology for conducting 360-degree reviews which makes it easier to communicate with all employees instead of choosing a few representatives from every team. Innovative companies may experiment with online performance reviews where everyone is involved via collaboration tools. This sort of review has proved time and again that people tend to be more honest when it comes to assessing their co-workers ‘ performance.

  • Communication

An HR list of communications with Virtual Teams by using a variety of technological tools that enable employees to stay in touch with one another and within the same time limit it has been established as acceptable for all concerned. If there’s no time for face-to-face interactions, Human Resources should at least aim for telephone or other types of conferences to make sure everyone’s voice is heard regardless of their location.

  • Collaboration

Human Resources departments can make use of tech tools to promote collaboration among employees while working on the same project or even different projects within one company. While it’s important to preserve teams’ autonomy, tech can be used for sharing resources among different groups e.g., documents, code snippets, etc.

  • Onboarding

Human Resources professionals can use technology to guide new employees through the induction process regardless of where they are. Human resources departments should make it easy for new employees to learn about their company, understand their new role and get accustomed to working with other team members who may be on the other side of the globe.

  • HR Community

Human Resources professionals should also pay close attention to Human Resources’ list of communities online e.g., LinkedIn, Google+, etc. They need to be aware of new platforms that might help them stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the HR industry as well as communicate more effectively with Virtual Teams which is why collaboration tools are important for this purpose.

Wrapping Up

There will be many challenges but HR industry can make sure they overcome them if they invest in video conferencing, collaboration tools, and social networks where people can feel like part of one team even when they’re not all together at the same office. Human Resources professionals should make sure they use technology to carry out the most beneficial tasks while avoiding unnecessary costs.