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How to optimize Apple Watch for Email Marketing?

How to optimize Apple Watch for Email Marketing

By Clara Lincy | Articles | September 14, 2016

Changing the way technology is being used for communicating and interacting with others, the recently launched Apple watch is all set to transform your email marketing experience. The new offering will allow users to view new incoming emails and even let them respond to them directly on the small screen. Thus compelling marketers to think out of the box and find out ways to leverage the limited screen space in the best possible way to engage with their audience through email.

The increasing popularity of wearable devices is likely to change the way people interact with emails. With Apple making its smart watches even more advanced year after year, the number of consumers viewing their emails on their wrists is likely to increase. So, marketers need to take advantage of this platform for the success of their email campaigns. But, to reach that level of success, email marketers need to ensure that their messages are readable on a small screen like that of a watch. Following the same old strategy adopted for making emails readable on desktop screens will not be of any use in this case.

Here are six tips that will help you optimize your emails for Apple watches in the most efficient way.

Go for Short Subject Lines

With a small display, you have space restraints. So, to let viewers view the subject line of your emails at a glance, keep the subject short about 12-20 characters and to the point. As with limited space and time, you have to grab the attention of your users is limited on Apple watches so focus on creating subject lines that are short, accurate and relevant to your audience.

Give an Attractive Beginning

By now, it is quite clear that subscribers using Apple Watch can see only a small part of your message at once than other mobile users because of less space availability. It means that you have to say the most important points of your campaign at the very beginning of your email.

Get Rid of Links and Hashtags

According to Scott Heimes, CMO at SendGrid, subject lines containing URLs or hashtags have poor engagement rates, averaging less than 10.5 percent in engagement, reports Also, a 42mm screen like that of a watch is not spacious enough to include copy, links, images, and call-to-actions. So, you have to keep the text simple without these decorative items. Apple watches can display only plain text because there is no browser to support the opening of links.

Reduce the Width of Email Templates

Based on your previous requirements, you might have developed email templates for a desktop computer with a HTML width of around 600 pixels. But if you try to use the same layout for the Apple watch then you’re certainly doing it wrong. Such a template width is too wide for a watch screen and can prevent horizontal scrolling, making it difficult for viewers to see your stuff.

Make it Easily Readable and Shareable

When you are designing your emails to be viewed on the Apple watch, keep in mind that it has display constraints. In spite of having confined space, you need to make your emails easily readable and shareable. To accomplish the purpose, you have to create an easy-to-read single column email that has large actions buttons enough to be easily tapped on a screen.

Specify the Sender

You know that you have to fit your email into a small screen of a wearable device but in spite of having limitations, there are few things you have to take care of. You just can’t ignore them. One such thing is the “from” address. Within the available space, you have to include your brand name and at the same time make it easily visible. Also, try to include your contact information so that people can easily get in touch with you.

With new wearable devices coming into the market, businesses are likely to see a new era of email consumption. Hence to help you stay updated with the current trends and be ready to use it for your benefit, these tips will be a great support in your journey ahead.

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