How Email Marketing Essential to Build Brand Awareness      

How Email Marketing Essential for Building Brand Awareness

Email Marketing Can be Used for Brand Awareness

By Angelina Smith | Blog | August 26, 2020

Email Marketing is an old traditional method of marketing that has been in the industry for decades. The benefits are so much in abundance that it has made a prestigious place for itself and claims to be on the mind of marketers of every type of industry. It is essential to adopt an effective email marketing strategy to build awareness of the product and services, and most importantly, about Brand Awareness.

Yes, Branding or Brand awareness is very important for any start-up company or already established one. A large part of the audience spends maximum time on the internet with their mobile, laptop, or desktop. Email marketing is one of the fastest reaching and direct methods of marketing. Email marketing is 40 times more impactful than social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You tend to approach the audience without the involvement of any middleman. Many times companies use email marketing to launch a product or give offers, but the prime focus remains to create brand awareness. This helps the audience recognize your company only by its name. Basically, it is a method to build a bond between prospects and the brand. However, it is not easy to build this bond. It requires a grand strategy of email marketing to give you access to audience response and position your company within their attention. Once you use the right email marketing, you will definitely witness some of these benefits:

  • Retain existing customers
  • Engage extensively with fresh clients
  • Establish a bond between clients and brand
  • Rule out the unsubscribe rate
  • Experience increase in ROI
  • Foster client loyalty for your brand

Basically, email marketing acts as an essential and impactful tool for encouraging a long-term relationship with the customers, thereby enhancing brand awareness. The more clients you have, the more popular your brand will be in the market.

As we know, email marketing is the most cost-effective marketing mode for building brand awareness. It directly lands in the inbox of prospects, thereby enabling you to have direct communication without any hassles. The email strategy that you design should be such that it compels the prospect to subscribe to an email list and engage further with the brand. You may not be aware of the significance of subscribers, but they can change your brand’s dynamics and lead to fruitful results. About 66 percent of customers purchase a product or service as a result of an email marketing message, as estimated by the Digital Marketing Association.

A consistent email marketing allows clients and prospects the opportunity to connect directly, which increases customer loyalty. Although you can also develop brand awareness through other marketing channels like social media campaigns or SEO, the impact of email marketing is unquestioned. It provides a direct and consistent approach yet in a sober manner that does not interfere in the privacy of the customer. There are multiple ways that can be used in an email marketing campaign for generating brand awareness. Some of them are pointed down below for your reference:

Voice of Your Brand:

The first and foremost important way that can help you generate brand awareness is the voice of your brand. It solely depends on the industry and type of business you own. Should your brand sound serious, friendly, formal, informal, plush, or general? Multiple questions like these will help you decide its voice. The personality of your company is decided by the way it communicates consistently with the clients. It should always be the same kind and not alter. By holding onto a tone that represents your brand, you can maximize its value in the industry and increase awareness about it. It will gradually hold onto reliability, too, in the eyes of clients.

Template for Email Campaign:

We humans seek an organized pattern of almost everything. It is less of a need and more of a pattern that lets them look for patterns. The most convenient way to continue with it is by creating a template for your email campaign. You can do so by following such steps:

  • Keep a uniformity of fonts and colors used in the layout
  • Match the theme of the website and email templates
  • Use the logo correctly
  • Keep a clear focus on company details
    Therefore, email templates can act as an opportunity to emphasize on brand awareness.

    Send Emails Consistently:

    As we need to be consistent with the tone of the brand, we also need to be regular with sending emails to our audience. The ration of emails should be in proportion. You should not be overdoing it or not doing it enough. You can create situational events that act as a reason for you to drop them an email. This will not annoy them with frequent emails and will also enhance their interest and engage in your brand. A responsible email campaign deals with sending consistent emails for communication.

    Personalize your Emails:

    The need to personalize your email marketing campaign is as urgent as launching a product or service to run the business. It solidifies the relationship between the brand and prospects, thereby generating brand loyalty and awareness. To personalize an email marketing campaign, you must segment and well-organize the email list based on the type, location, preference, and position of prospect in the conversion funnel. This will enable you to decide which segment requires frequent emails and which requires occasional ones. It will also aid you in comprehending the changing needs of the customers and guide you to serve them better.

Email marketing is fruitful only when the strategy is well-designed and personalized enough to gain customer’s attention. The constantly sent personalized emails bring delight to the client, leveraging brand awareness, and brand recommendation.

Welcome Your Audience with An Email:

Everyone likes to be warmly welcomed and for your audience, what could be a better place than their inbox. Yes, sending a welcome email to join you is a great way of showing gratitude. Surprisingly, many businesses forget about it. The initial conversation is very crucial as that decides the future open rates of your emails. It sets the expectations of the customers as to what type of emails they can expect from the brand and in what tone. To make your audience subscribe quickly, you must pen down a personal note from the CEO as a welcome note. This practice will make the clients feel involved and generate brand knowledge too.

Concluding Note:

Email marketing campaigns are a great way to approach and communicate with the prospects and existing customers to build a bond of trust, reliability, satisfaction, and of course, sales. Email marketing not only brings a change in profits and revenue but also aid in generating brand awareness. By offering consistent emails, you can educate the prospects about the range of services you offer and about the upcoming launches, if any. A well thought and executed email campaign can increase the conversion rate and retain the customers for longer than expected.


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