Guide Towards Data-Driven Email Marketing      

Guide Towards Data-Driven Email Marketing


By Clara Lincy | Articles | March 5, 2021

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies that cater to a wide audience and drive to influence the customer and induce them to buy the products and services of the brand. Email marketing is not only cost-effective but also creates direct contact with the customer. Developing an email marketing campaign requires a lot of competence, and one of the most important components is the accurate and updated email database.  Sending personalized emails to the segmented list of specific people with the relevant information can produce positive results.

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Data-driven email marketing has proved to generate higher ROI to the tune of 85% better results.  Data is useful in segmenting the list of potential and existing customers and targeting them. Here is a guide towards data-driven email marketing to enhance traffic and lead generation.

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As an entrepreneur or human resource of your business, it is your job to make the team understand that work should be well-taken care of at all times, and all should work for one goal. With this approach, employees will feel more united and engaged than ever. Another aspect is to break the project into small pieces to ensure even the smallest milestone is faced well. As the mission will succeed, you will notice better communication within the team and the high engagement of employees at work.

Devise an Email Marketing Plan

Prepare an email marketing plan when you initiate the data-driven email marketing. Set out your goals and what you want to achieve, the purpose of reaching out to your prospective buyers, and the approach that you want to evolve in email marketing. Also plan how you are going to use the data and the information that you want to disseminate in the email. Select an appropriate spot in the email template to place the CTA button to make it more visible.

One exemplary example is Unilever, which produces a product called Dove. Now Dove has surprisingly contributed to the world as its product has helped more than 35 million young people at the global level by imparting education since the year 2005.

Acquire an Email Database

Create the email database through various sources such as your website, social media platform, newsletter, downloading eBook/whitepaper, signing up for the newsletter, filling the form, email service provider (ESP) through videos, commenting blogs, survey forms, Google Analytics, sales CRM, and similar other methods of gathering information of your target audience.  Alternatively, you can contact the company that provides a readily available email database matching your requirement according to the location and demographic boundaries.


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Segment the List of Subscribers

Segmenting the list is into various categories of subscribers is necessary to reach out to the right audience. The segregation of the list can be done as per various aspects such as the customer life cycle like the potential customers, existing, or the loyal followers.  Apart from this, the email database can be arranged according to various parameters such as location, age, sex, occupation, preferences, income, industry, company size, and other related aspects.  Interestingly, segmentation of email, increase the chances of opening the email by 94%.

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Create Customized and Personalised Emails

Once you have segregated the list of your potential receivers, you need to create customized and personalized emails for all the segments separately. This will give a personalized touch to the receiver of the email and that you understand the requirement of the audience. At the same time, a catchy yet personalized subject line of the email is necessary. The email body should be modified according to the segregate list, use appropriate images, videos, tone, and relevant media format. The name appearing on the ‘from’ field leave a great impact on the user. Emphasize using short emails rather than long emails running into thousands of words. Also, optimize all the elements of your email template including image, subject line, email design, and call to action button.

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Compatibility of the Email Template

Many people use mobile phones more than the desktop or laptop to view social media and other platforms including emails. Often the images and email template get blurred, or the content gets illegible when viewed on mobile. Therefore, the email template design should be compatible with all mobile devices (android and iOS) and operating systems (Windows, and Mac) to give better UX. The mobile-friendly email template reaps 4 times more revenue as compared to the desktop/laptop.

Automate Email Campaign

Finally, you can automate the email list to send them further to the respective audience. Schedule the emails as per the customer’s behaviour based on ‘recovery’ email, ‘welcome’ email, ‘thank you’ email, ‘order confirmation’ email, ‘acknowledgment’ email, ‘feedback’ email and others according to the behaviour of the user. All these are kind of trigger emails that have 95% higher chances of opening by the receiver as compared to the traditional emails.
You can devise a content calendar wherein you can schedule and automate the emails to save your time and keep the subscribers engaged.


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Compatibility of the Email Template

The major benefit of data driven email marketing is that you can measure the results of your email campaign.  You can evaluate the success of the campaign and who opened the email, who clicked the CTR button and the conversion rate. All these quantifiable results depend upon how effective is your email marketing campaign and if you have achieved the goal.

Concluding Note:

Data driven email marketing is an affordable and time-effective method of increasing ROI.  Therefore, the focus should be on creating an attractive email template so the targeted audience gets engaged and responds as per the CTA.

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