Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics is a free marketing tool offered by Google; this helps to analyze the kind of traffic a website attracts. It is possible to determine how many people visited a particular website, the pages they looked up after entering the site and the actions they took, for example, filling a contact for or clicking a ‘add to cart’ button.

Now, you can activate Google Analytics for Email campaigns also, using your existing Google account. This will enable you to track the pages visited by the person and the actions taken. You can also add tracking of banners advertisements and offline advertisements to your tracking list.

How To Install Analytics

Open a Google account, if you do not already have one. Activate the vertical response feature. Download the easy to analyze reports, which give you details on the number of visitors and conversion rates; and modify or improve your email marketing campaign on that basis.

Instant Benefits!

You will be able to identify the products that are attracting maximum attention and isolate products that may require further support.

You will also be able to follow-up with potential customers; this always helps to increase sales.