Google Analytics Integration Services - eSalesData      

eSalesData can provide you with Google Analytics Integration services to help you track and measure the various metric of your website performance. Google Analytics is the product of the Internet giant Google. The tool is free to use and helps to analyze the kind of traffic a site attracts. With our integration service, we provide assistance in integrating your landing pages, campaigns, social media profiles, and the website as a whole with Google Analytics so that you can keep an eye on every aspect of the various platforms and channels. This will help you to identify your mistakes and allow you to work better in those areas.

Initially, it was difficult for a marketer to track website metrics but with Google’s Analytics tools, it is possible to determine a whole lot of activities. You can see how many people visited a particular website, the pages they looked up after entering the site and the actions they took. However, using such tools may not be your forte but no worries when you have eSalesData ready to address your challenges with effective solutions. We have developed our Google analytics integration services so that even non-techy marketers can also make the best use of the analytical tools at the display. Now, analytics coupled with our support can help you in finding out details such as who fills in the contact form or clicks on add to cart button.

Moreover, now users can even activate Google Analytics for email campaign also, using your existing Google account. This will enable you to track the pages visited by the person and the actions taken. You can also add tracking of banners advertisements and offline advertisements to your tracking list. When you opt for our integration services, you can relax without having to take any tension. While you focus on planning strategies and focus on proper execution of them, we enable Google analytics for you to track the performance of your online activities.