Get 20% Off On All ERP User Lists From eSalesData! Offer Ends At Midnight, 12th Feb!

8th Feb, 2012: As the global ERP market continues to grow, tech marketers have only a short time left to take advantage of the 20% discount offered by eSalesData, a leading provider of mailing lists and marketing solutions. The offer, which closes on 12th February 2012, gives marketers a 20% discount on all ERP list purchases.

“ERP markets all over the world are currently experiencing significant growth as organizations become increasingly depend on business process management software to integrate and streamline management functions, “ observed Mark Stevens, senior marketing manager at eSalesData. “Our ERP mailing lists allow application marketers to promote their products across a wide swath of industries and sectors.”

Each list comes with complete business information, allowing marketers to adopt a multi-channel marketing approach to better engage any given target audience. More importantly, all the records at eSalesData are run through a 6-level scrubbing process prior to delivery, ensuring that customers receive the freshest information available.

Among their many data products, eSalesData provides high-response mailing lists that are guaranteed to set your sales drive on fire! The company also offers a host of segmentation options that give marketers the chance to zero-in on their exact target markets. From SAP to Oracle to Microsoft, if you intend to target ERP users, eSalesData can deliver hot prospects that correspond to markets all across the globe.

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