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How Foursquare can Boost the Retail Market?

With all the new social mediums out there for business to use for marketing communications purpose, it was unavoidable for a social networking tool (and game) like Foursquare was bound to be developed for local retailers.

What is Foursquare?

Foursquare is a location based social networking website for mobile devices, such as smart phones. Foursquare is primarily for letting your friends know where you are and figuring out where they are. Secondarily, it’s for collecting points, prize “badges,” and eventually, coupons, for going about you every day business.

With no doubt, Foursquare aims to take things to a next level. It encourages new business as the clients share their location and the sweet details that they have discovered there with their friends. And the biggest plus point, that it is available on your cell phone.

But to be very sorry, as a business it has not done much in the way of revenue generation. But no worry, here I am giving you few remedies which will help you to boost sales at your retail business.

Give your Mayor special perks

This is the most simple and coolest way to promote yourself on Foursquare, is to provide some special perks to the mayor of your establishment. This is the person who ‘checks in’ most frequently. And if you make the deal really cool, then you will spur some friendly competition amongst your customers to overwhelm the current mayor and take their place.

Offer Offer!!

Want to get in to the psychology of users? Offer a little discount for Foursquare users. That is the best way to attract your users, because users love discounts. Whether you make the offer valid every day or on certain days or week, it’s always a nice way to reward you frequent customers.

Attract new customers with specials “nearby”

This is one of the coolest way to get attract new customers is the “specials nearby” function. When a new user “check in” at a nearby establishment, they are also notified if there are any deals being offered at places close by.

It’s a great way to pull in new clients who may have never recognized you. The function is still being tested out, but as of now it’s free.

Use their new tools to track your customers

In upcoming weeks, Foursquare will be launching some new tools that will give you another platform to know more information about your customers. The New Your Times reports, the new capabilities will allow you to see important details such as who is checking in, what times are the busiest at your business, and the ratio of male to female customers. You will also be able to offer instant offers.

Allow them to earn points towards a reward for check-ins

The app gives a clear picture that how many times someone has checked into your business. Let them know their rank (5th or 10th) check in, and thus provide them some special reward or a treat.

Small Business potential

The real potential for Foursquare remains with small business, and according to Walker, that remains the core of the business that are best utilizing the services.

Check out what others are doing

There are literally hundreds of ways to promote or advertise your business. You can check out what others are doing, and by this you can make your promotion more striking and innovative. You just need dream something crazy, and Foursquare will try to make it happen.

Be Creative and have fun

Be creative. Have fun. Change your specials daily, weekly, or seasonally, or tie the special to events such as the super bowl or a holiday. By unleashing creativity, foursquare gives retailers the ability to create more interesting experiences for their new customers, loyal customers and their customers’ friends.

Get more personal

If you are the one who want to be personal with customers, then Foursquare would be the perfect place. Not only knowing your best customers by their Mayor status, but you can also reach out to your other frequent customers, and re-connect with those who have not visited in a while.

It’s a unique chance to put a face to your business and show your clientele that you like to have fun with them.