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Five Easy Steps To Keep Your B2B Contact Database Clean And Effective

6 Easy Steps to Keep Your B2B Contact Database Clean and Effective

By Clara Lincy | Articles | January 20, 2019

Data is an integral part of any business. The philosophy of old is gold doesn’t seem fit in the context of data. The older your database gets, the lesser are your chances to fetch positive results using it. As data grows old, it becomes obsolete, irrelevant and useless. Be it contact details of prospects or the statistical data, what is relevant today is likely to become inaccurate tomorrow. As a result, it becomes mandatory for every business to keep their contact database up-to-date and fresh.

Your contacts keep on changing their communication details like email ids, phone numbers, fax numbers, etc. Unaware of the changes, when you sent a communication using old contact details, you end up delivering messages to inactive accounts. As a result, even though your campaign is targeted, it fails to generate responses. Hence, from time to time conducting data cleansing is important. Doing so ensures that your contacts are useable, correct and devoid of any information loopholes.

Let us, eye on the six most helpful and easy ways to keep your B2B Email List ready for present use:

Track Down Duplicate Data

For building your database, you need to collect data from multiple sources. And when you do so, the infiltration of duplicate contacts is inevitable. Hence, to prevent the entry of duplicate records within your database, scrubbing your data is a must. On a regular basis, you need to cross-check every contact to eliminate duplicate leads. However, the process can be challenging and time-consuming if you think of doing it manually.

It is better to take help of marketing automation tools and your in-built CRM de-duplication feature. This will help to identify and track duplicate leads whenever you upload a new list into the CRM.

Get Rid of Junk Records

There will be instances when the person is filling the contact us form will provide wrong details willingly. In the case of spam leads, this is a common sight that businesses get to see. Often, anonymous leads fill in details as “” or “” These people can be your competitor or any random visitor. Your competitor’s employee might fill up details to get regular updates on your marketing campaigns. And for this, they may use such wrong information.

Now, the question is what to do to avoid? The answer is you need to go smart with your campaign planning and use automatic tools to suspend bogus email addresses and delete them from the list. These irrelevant data is only going to pile up and add to your database to impact its quality.

Use Alerts

To maintain and keep your contacts list updated, make use of alerts. This will help especially when you need to identify duplicate records from the database. For instance, you can set the automatic de-duplication system to check duplicate email addresses. But what if next time, when a lead comes in with a different email id and duplicate name, will the automation tool recognize? The answer is no. When you program it, the system works as per a particular command and does nothing on its own. In such a case, setting alerts will help. It will notify and proactively decide if the record is duplicate or not.

Fetch Data from Authentic Sources

The first and the foremost step to guarantee a clean database is to source data from reliable and authentic outlets. Don’t just rely on any source. Verify the accuracy of every data source and then finalize from whom to fetch information.

Instead of going for generic sources, focus on a targeted source that offers quality data in your industry. If the source provides accurate data then the chance of duplicate, incomplete or old records are less.

Analysis Check

Once, your data cleaning and validation processes are over, make sure to append it. You can take help of third-party data appending services. If the third-party is a reputed and reliable name in the industry, they will not disappoint. They will fetch data from genuine sites and clean, verify and validate them. With their expert guidance and assistance in place, you will get complete information to support your marketing and other business endeavors.

Let’s Start!

Now, we have given you a list of very effective methods, or you can say ways to maintain data quality. Following these practices on a regular basis will surely help in the long-run as well as in the present. So, if you have a database of business contacts of customers, do start the cleaning process now. Remember, the right set of information will trigger your success opportunities.

You can either take help of automation tools or can also seek professional assistance from expert people in the field. There are many service providers like eSalesData who have customized data appending and cleansing services. If you don’t have time to clean up the data mess, take paid services to get the task done in no time.

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