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Find Customers: Hook Prospects and Boost Sales!!

Sales prospecting as important as it may sound is the most turbulent field in B2B marketing. It counteracts with time management issues, so hooking prospects can be tough. Also the vital task of the sales people must therefore be well planned and scheduled. Since most of the salespeople like prospecting the least of their activities, they leave it until last and do not pay enough attention required.

What if there are some easy ways to get hold of your target customers?

Let’s first try to answer who are your target customers. Discussing at least five criteria of your ideal client that should be at the tip of your lips, like:

  • Between the ages of 25 and 35
  • Married
  • Living within five miles of my retail location
  • Has school-aged children
  • Drives at least 30 miles per week

If you are not able to list at least five features of the people your business must be moving too slow. To get answers quickly, write down three top clients of yours and find what they do have in common? The answer shall get you started.

Settling the issue, get to the demographic details of them; are they Grandmas? Teenagers? Businesspeople? Let’s think about them as categories of clients. You just might have a service that teens enjoy, but who invests the money in it? Grandma, mom and dad. So you’ll need more than one marketing strategy to make sales.

How to reach your Prospects?


1.      Let’s say you target soccer moms, where can you find them besides soccer fields? May be in grocery stores, gas stations, quick-stop stores, car washes, sporting good stores, so advertise accordingly, target the bulletin board at the local car wash or grocery store – preferably near the soccer or baseball fields.

2.      HNI clients, just look for more of them in country clubs, marina, nice restaurants, where should you advertise? Where they’ll be found? You can certainly advertise in publications that’ll be found there. Advertise where the other companies of your caliber advertise. Check to see if you can invest in the mailing list of everyone who docks a boat at the local marina. Mailing lists are often available if you ask at the right place.

Gathering New Leads:

You can get the best of them from your existing clients. Avoid asking directly, let’s say put the question like “What other parents of the soccer players might have a need for new tires?” “Who do you most enjoy playing golf with at the country club, Mr. Gibbs?”

Offer existing clients special discounts or bonuses for sending in new clients. You don’t have to go crazy with this costing you money. You might offer a free $5 Starbucks gift card or a coupon worth a discount on the service of a neighboring business. 

What Customers Want? (Answer to boost sales)

Understanding “What your customer wants to know” is the strategic question we need to answer.  And in order to understand what your customer wants to know, you need to know more about your customer.  Some effective methodologies are:

  • Look at your web analytics.
  • Spend time with people in your company who speak directly with your customers
  • Ask your customers to share what they want to know.
  • Listen to the questions your customers are asking in other places.

Get the hang of it and you would find that generating prospect leads can actually be fun. You just need to practice and remember “ITS ALWAYS ABOUT THEM AND NOT ABOUT YOU”!