Finance, Taxation & Monetary Policy Executives Email List      

Finance, Taxation & Monetary Policy Executives Email List

National taxes, financial regulations and monetary policies for any given country, are governed and administrated by thousands of government financial agencies these agencies are generally demarcated into several levels – federal, state and local. These agencies require a great number of services and products – a need that the savvy marketer will be well positioned to address with the right tools.

eSalesData can help marketers quickly reach out to taxation and financial agencies with our comprehensive mailing list solutions. We offer data resources that can be demarcated on the basis of several selects , including,

  • C-level Executives (CEO, CFO, COO, CMO etc.)
  • Vice Presidents (VP)
  • Regional Heads
  • Directors
  • Procurement Managers
  • Accountants and Auditors
  • Budget Analysts
  • Tax Examiners and Collectors
  • Financial Managers

When you source your data from us, we’ll make sure that you get the very best in terms of segmentation, accuracy and coverage. There is little that we can’t do when it comes to mailing lists. In fact, we overhaul the entire database every quarter and eliminate all bad data, keeping your bounce rates down and ensuring that you get the biggest bang for your buck!

Lists are updated every 90 days to ensure 90% deliverability. And all leads come with critical marketing information that includes first name, last name, title, phone number, mobile number, fax number, email, SIC code, postal address and zip code


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