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Fax Appending Services

Add fax numbers to your customer list to better engage with prospects on multiple platforms using eSalesData’s Fax Appending Services.

We help you to grow customer base with the supply of accurate and verified fax numbers that matches to your existing customer profile.

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    Consolidate and expand your marketing capacities by adding fax numbers to your existing customer and prospect lists. Our business fax database is updated on an annual basis following a survey of every establishment in our database. This gives you the freshest and most accurate information, appended straight to your B2B delivery addresses.

    Even in the digital age, marketers are still not leaving behind traditional marketing practices like sending fax messages. As the need to better engage with customers and maintaining regular communication with prospects increases, marketers are ready to explore multiple platforms to connect. They are not restricting their strategies to a single platform and are preparing for multichannel marketing. That is why the demand for fax appends is increasing. Marketers are exploring the potentialities of fax as a channel of business communication. This has resulted in the increase of demand for adding fax numbers to the existing database so that new opportunities via fax can be explored.

    At eSalesData, we very well understand the significance of quality data for marketing endeavors. Our fax appending services ensure that only accurate, up-to-date, and relevant information enters your database. We have a repository of millions of fax numbers of business prospects from various industries. As part of the appending, we fill in your database with complete fax numbers that are campaign-ready.

    There are multiple benefits of leveraging our fax appending services:
    • We add data to help you better target prospects
    • We help grow your customer database with the addition of active fax numbers
    • We ensure that the data aligns with your campaign strategy and helps you to identify the right medium of communication
    • Our verified and valid fax addresses help you to reach customers without any hindrances.
    • The data we offer is global, helping you to expand your market reach
    • With the supply of best quality data, we help boost campaign deliverability and response rate

    Fax Append Percentage
    The average percentage appended varies depending on how accurate are the information of your existing database. It usually ranges from 10% to 30%. We match all the records you want to append against our database to offer you relevant information to fill in the missing fax number of your prospect.

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