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The Fanatic’s Guide To Epic Email Marketing

epic guide

By Clara Lincy | Infographics | 0 Comments

There’s a lot of talk about email marketing dropping dead in the face of the social media onslaught. But has email really died? Or are the ones predicting its demise just too humdrum to develop and integrate new email strategies?.either way, let’s take a quick peek at the steps involved in creating a powerful email marketing campaign!

Email Marketing Guide

Email Marketing


  • Do They Provide Sample Free Trial!
  • Tracking and Metric Reports
  • Private Ips
  • List Segmentation
  • Can Spam Compliance
  • Back up Infrastructure


Experts Recommended 3pm-7pm!

How Often
Daily No?
Weekly : For Those selling a product or service that is subject to frequently changing features or offers.
Monthly: For when you don’t have a whole lot of say, but still want to establish a presence.
Fortnightly: The ideal frequency for B2B Products and newsletters, not too far apart and certainly not closely spaced either.

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