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Factors to Consider Before Buying A Mailing List

Buy Email List or Not

By Clara Lincy | Blog | May 3, 2017

When Addy Johnson, a budding entrepreneur started an IT Network Solutions company in Texas, he was soon to realize it was more difficult to build business networks than building strong IT networks. Being a newbie in marketing, the wise thing he decided was to buy a marketing database to connect with his prospects via telephone, emails, and mails. The results were astonishing. He got several clients to start with and in few years he built a considerable reputation for his brand.

However, what worked for Addy may not work for all. You can buy a mailing list easily but buying the right list that truly enables your marketing and sales operations is a difficult task. The success of your campaigns is directly proportional to the quality of the database you have put to use and thus it is highly imperative to procure a reliable mailing list.

Why Not to Buy!
To buy or not to buy a mailing list may not have a definite answer. It always depends on the nature and needs of your business, the marketing strategies you wish to implement and the resultant data required for the same. Also, if your business is in a position to have its own data team, it’s better to build your own email list than to buy it from a database vendor. However, you must ensure that your data team has a clear understanding of your business operations, target prospects and that they update the database in timely intervals. An outdated database may not serve you well in your customer acquisition and retention efforts.

Why to Buy!
On the other hand, if you do not have a dedicated data team in place and you feel you can do more with the data of potential customers in hand, probably the best thing for you would be to invest in a marketing database. The reason why many businesses are skeptical about buying a mailing list or an email list is that they look at it as an expense and not an investment. What they fail to realize are the benefits they can unlock using a sales database. A qualitative email list will not only expand the ambit of your reach but also increase the response rate, conversion rate and eventually the ROI on your marketing campaigns in a significant way. Also, having a qualitative marketing database boosts the morale of your sales team and also contributes to building and maintaining cordial relationships with your current and prospective customers.

A Note of Caution
If you somehow make up your mind to buy an email list, don’t get too excited and end up buying a low-quality database. There are ample of database vendors who claim to provide highly accurate database and lure customers offering heavy discounts, extra data, and other tempting freebies. They may also provide you a really good sample list which you may get easily impressed with. However, their final deliverables may not meet the quality they promised. To escape such situations, a marketer must keep quality rather than cost as the pre-condition of purchasing an email list. Spending a little extra for a reliable database is much better than wasting your money on a poorly maintained list which may not help you meet your marketing goals.

Now how do you pick the right database vendor? Choosing your list provider will require you to do a little research in finding some of the reliable database vendors in the market. Besides consulting your friends and going through online reviews, you may get in touch with several vendors and try to understand if they have the required experience serving organizations similar to yours in the industry you operate in. You may ask them a number of questions such as the minimum or average accuracy rate of their database and how do they compensate if the list provided by them has a lower accuracy rate than promised.

You win half the battle if you are able to choose the right database provider. Once you have a reliable database as a resource, rest is up to the skills of your sales and marketing teams to effectively approach potential customers and turn them into paying customers.

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