7 Strategies To Boost Event Marketing Participation      

7 Event Marketing Strategies to Boost Participation and Attendance

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By Clara Lincy | Blog | January 8, 2020

Event marketing is a direct approach from the brand to interact with the customers. It is a themed exhibit or display of promotional campaigns elaborating on the many benefits and aspects of a product or service. Such business events are organized by brands to be able to deal and communicate with clients directly, rather than being limited to the virtual world.

The impact of event marketing can be huge on a business as it helps build trust and establishes a credible bond between the brand and the buyer. However, it is not easy to grab the attention of the audience to encourage them for participation in brand organized business or industry events. With proper brand awareness tactics, companies organizing such events need to invest special attention to promote their event among the targeted audience. The event should not be solely for brand promotion. It should deliver knowledge and cater to the concerns and questions of visitors.

Here are some of the seven effective event marketing strategies that can help event marketers achieve their marketing goals:

Drive Traffic with Social Media Strategy


One of the proven ways to drive traffic to your website is to use social media marketing tactics. Today, social networking platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have the immense reach and worldwide users. Promoting your event page through social media posts can help garner traffic and attention to your purpose. You can share past event pictures, create videos on what experience your upcoming event will deliver and run awareness paid campaigns as well to attract spectators and more participants to your event venue. This will help you spread your marketing messages promoting your event across your social media network and even beyond.

Segment Your Invitee List and Target Accordingly


Most event marketers and planners fail to segment their audience and approach them in a more personalized way. So, you must not repeat the same mistake. Be clear about who is your targeted audience so that you can cater to their individual needs with more relevant solutions and services. First, sort it out that whom you want to focus and accordingly prepare an accurate list of invitees who seem ideal to attend the event. You can also take help of a mailing list provider who can provide you with well-segmented contacts that will help your approach be more specific.

Run Online Paid Campaigns


To target and reach your niche audience for the upcoming event you are hosting or planning, event marketers must make use of paid advertisement. Google AdWords can help your event page get the right online attention. When you invest in paid campaigns and run ads, your reach capability multiplies and awareness increases. It helps to rank high on the search results page, gaining more attention and clicks. Your ad may not be for every internet user. With paid ads, you can select the particular customer group for whom you want your event ad to display so that your advertising efforts don’t go in vain and your ad pops up for the right search.

Leverage Email Marketing


Email marketing is indeed a cost-effective way to reach a wider audience and is fast and efficient. However, we must not ignore the impact and significance of direct mails. Today, most of B2B decision-makers, C-level executives and other professionals prefer receiving an email that they can go through on any device. That is what makes email campaigns popular among marketers. The result is quick when you run email campaigns. You start getting responses as soon as your email is read if it is relevant and reaches the right customer.

Send emails to your existing customers, informing and notifying them about the upcoming event you are organizing. Include quick share button within the email so that receivers can share the same with their friends and colleagues who can also join. In this way, you can increase your event campaign to reach and fetch more participants.

Explore Multiple Marketing Channels


Don’t stick to any particular medium for your event marketing. Always have multiple backup plans that you can rely on when other strategies fail to give desired results. Also, if any changes are required on your already launched campaign, then don’t hesitate to make changes to it accordingly.

Explore every platform possible to engage with your audience and increase their responses to your campaign. If your social media strategy is not working, then try out email marketing. Don’t just stick to one plan as to when it fails you may have no idea on what to do next? So, always keep plan B and C so that you can tackle any unexpected situation.

Distribute Press Releases


If you want to increase awareness about your event, then the press release is the thing to start with. You can publish press releases announcing the details about the event on your website as well as on third-party websites, paid PR sites, well-known media outlets like PR Newswire, Associated Press, and more. Also, you can call for a press conference and get your event news spread through local reporters, bloggers, and journalists.

Get in Touch with Local Influencers from Your Industry


Influencers play a key role when it comes to marketing as they have a huge followers base and are quite influential personalities in their respective fields. Your event marketing strategy may include inviting such influencers to the event as it will help draw more traffic and attention to your cause from the influencer’s network.

Send a private email or a social media message to the influencer from your targeted industry and invite them for their participation in the event. Try to convince them to share their experience on your platform. If they agree, then this will help boost attendance to the event as your association with influencers will encourage their followers to take you seriously.

The Bottom Line


Event marketing, when done the right way using effective strategies is likely to yield a positive outcome. Hope, these event marketing practices will help all the event marketers out there who are struggling to attract participants for various business events.

What strategy do you follow?

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