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eSalesData Launches Newsletter Marketing Services!

10 Sep, 2011: eSalesData announces the launch of its newsletter marketing services. These services extend to newsletter design, campaign and delivery management, email tracking, scheduling, survey reporting and much, much more.

Now, in comparison to social media marketing and the host of online marketing tools available, email newsletters may seem a little outdated, but don’t be fooled. Email remains at the top of the list as far as grabbing customer attention is concerned. Most people may not fully realize it, but they go through every single item in their inbox (even if it means just a quick scan of the subject line). And the pay-offs don’t end there.

Email and newsletter campaigns provide for an inexpensive and efficient means to stay in touch and build lasting relationships with customers. Plus, a successful newsletter marketing venture translates into an in-house database of your most loyal subscribers – invaluable to future marketing endeavors. Not only does a newsletter work to increase familiarity levels and generate leads but it also functions as a simple and accurate way to track your marketing efforts and analyze customer trends.

The success of most online marketing campaigns isn’t a result of the thousands of applications developed to help internet marketers, but instead hinges on finding the right tools to boost the effectiveness of your online marketing methods and strategies. In creating a successful online brand, it is vital that you understand the tools and methods needed to competently market your newsletter and how the nature of your product/service can affect your strategies.

Years of experience in the online marketing industry have enabled us to offer you a host of auxiliary services aimed at building product visibility, developing subscriber trust and increasing overall brand performance. At eSalesData, we optimize every facet of your newsletter from design to delivery and guarantee effective results.

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