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eSalesData Launches eCommerce Solution for Start ups and Small to Medium Size Businesses

March 17, 2010: eSalesData announced that the new release of its eCommerce platform makes it easier than ever for start-ups and SMBs to improve the effectiveness of their eCommerce sites through ecommerce application.

eSalesData sets its focus on gaining customer contact and visibility. eSalesData is an ideal solution for start-ups and SMBs looking to sell on the Internet. eSalesData provides everything that customer need to create a successful and professional eCommerce solution on a scalable platform designed to grow with business.

If you are selling on the Web, Keep it simple. Online shoppers are ruthless and will pull the plug on a purchase if they run into the slightest glitch. Our ecommerce software is built keeping customers usage in mind said Mark Stevens, VP, eSalesData.