Email Marketing: 5 Key Attributes that Speaks in its Favor      

Email Marketing: 5 Key Attributes that Speaks in its Favor

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By Clara Lincy | Blog | July 24, 2018

In today’s digitally growing world, there is no denying that everyone has an email address. Especially for business communications, people prefer emails over other channels. Getting successful results from email marketing requires planning and a clear objective. If your emails have a catchy subject line and relevant content, they are likely to get more clicks, shares, and attention. That is the best way to avoid landing up in the spam or delete the folder. Deliver what your audience wants to hear, and your campaigns are good to go.

Businesses use emails for connecting with their targets or potential customers. However, ensuring that you approach the interested prospects is what matters the most. If your target audience is irrelevant for your products, then your emails are likely to fail. Therefore, you need to know well whom to target and segment your customers accordingly. Then prepare your list of targeted contacts, get their correct contact details, and click on the send button. By doing so, you land on their inbox without getting lost in the crowd.

Since years, marketers have been trusting email campaigns as the most effective way to connect with customers and get their marketing messages heard by the people they want. If you are still pressurizing your nerves thinking about whether to invest in email marketing or not, then you should go through these below-listed benefits of emails to ease your decision-making process.

Converting Visitors into Paying Customers

Through your efficient and robust SEO tactics, you might have been able to drive traffic to your website. But the real battle doesn’t end here. Now, the challenge lies in how you can turn these visitors into customers who will buy your products and services.

Therefore, the best way to convert leads into customers is through email marketing. When a visitor fills in the newsletter sign up form or the query form, he/she provides you with their contact details. By giving this information, they permit you to contact in the future. What you need to do is use this data to craft and send an engaging email with a business proposal. On reaching the right inbox, this campaign will help you to draw attention.
An email with relevant content that addresses customer requirements and offers them the solution is all you need to succeed.

Help Grow Your Customer Base

What is the obvious thing that comes to your mind when you think about online marketing?
The answer is that you need a website that can strengthen your presence on the Internet. Right?
However, the thought that a website is the only digital tool to increase your customer count is wrong. Some people have been able to achieve the desired business returns through social media promotional campaigns and email campaigns also. They did not use a website to promote their brand and get recognition.

Moreover, website creation is time-consuming and also an expensive affair. But does that mean that you cannot attract more clients in the absence of a website? The answer is of course ‘not.’ By filling in the opt-in forms, prospects permit you to communicate via email. While sending email campaigns, if you insert social media share buttons encouraging readers to share your content the reach of your brand increases considerably. In spite of not having a website, you can still generate quality leads through email marketing.

Assist in Keeping Customers Engaged

It is not about acquiring more customers. Your marketing efforts should aim to engage with customers to better understand their needs. Keeping your customers engaged with your brand is equally important. Once they know your products, they should not go back to any other brand. Your job doesn’t end with luring the customer to sign-up for your email newsletter. Instead, the primary task starts from there.

When interested visitors opt to receive a newsletter from your brand, they expect to gain some valuable information. It can be about your products, the industry you work or the knowledge you possess. Hence, as a brand, you should target to feed their thirst for unique and educational content. You need to keep the newsletter content updated and ensure that it keeps the readers informed about your business, delivering value at every step.

With informative and engaging email newsletter content, you can win customer attention and drive better engagement. With the right email strategy in place, you can entice your audience to select you over your competitors. There can be nothing better than emails to build a good rapport with your existing as well as new customers. As marketers, you need to leverage email as a medium to communicate more than putting forward a sales pitch.

Boosting Brand Awareness

More than 50% of marketers consider email marketing as the most effective channel to promote brand among the targeted audience. Not only emails deliver results, but they are also budget-friendly.

Emails have multipurpose usage validity. You can use emails to highlight the brand’s logo, tagline, and unique features to market or promote your business. Also, you can share the customer success stories to build trust and win customer loyalty. Through emails, you can remain in constant touch with the customer. This helps you to establish a positive brand reputation and represent your brand’s trust-worthy picture. Emails can serve as your company’s voice, helping to convince more people to trust you with business.

Moreover, email campaigns can make the entire process of ‘branding’ a seamless experience for marketers. Emails are not only easy to create but are available in attractive and responsive template designs. Using engaging email campaign, marketers can make their email communication more productive in acquiring new clients and retaining the existing ones.

Social media channels are not far behind when it comes to spreading brand awareness. But, the impact email campaigns have makes it the best channel when it comes to brand building.

Make Way for More Opportunities

The types and purpose of emails may vary from industry to industry and business to business. For instance, B2B marketers use email marketing for advertising, sending daily deals, running promotional campaigns, do follow-ups, and as autoresponders.

Depending on the purpose, email format also changes. Among all variants, email newsletters are the most popular ones. Both B2C and B2B marketers use an email newsletter to get into the inbox of customers. You too can use email marketing to deliver quality information to prospects in their right inbox. Through proper engagement, you can generate new opportunities for your business.

Also, the sharing button included in the newsletter allows the subscriber to pass it on to others. Hence, often it has been seen that businesses get leads not only from the subscriber but also from the person he shared the email newsletter with, providing brands a broader market reach. Based on the many benefits one gets from email marketing, one cannot ignore its significance in the marketing world.

Final Note!

Over the years, email marketing has proven its effectiveness in giving business the support and kick they needed. Emails, when sent to the right target can help you establish a direct, interactive and one-to-one conversation with your clients which any other marketing tool can’t.

We often find people saying that email is dead, but that’s a hoax you shouldn’t believe at all. Email is here to stay, and it will continue so even in the days to come. One cannot ignore the success rate of this efficient tool.
You need an accurate database, an engaging content, and analytics tools to start email marketing. If your email strategy is robust and aligns with your customer profile, nothing can stop you.


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