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Email marketing is the widely chosen marketing tool when it comes to reaching a wider audience without having to spend a lot. But what is equally important is measuring the performance of your emails to find out what you are doing right and where you’re going wrong. That is why we at eSalesData have come up with our customized email campaign tracking and reporting services to help businesses leveraging email marketing as their promotional strategy. Our expert analysts along with the use of various top-notch analytical tools help you to keep an eye on your email campaign metrics, giving you a real-time insight into the performance aspect.

As a team, we very much understand that how important it is to track and measure performance. Businesses run on such evaluation, and serious decisions and strategies are made based on that analytics. We not only assist you with various online services, but also help you in tracking and reporting the performance of those marketing tactics that you are opting for to increase brand awareness, boost lead generation, and bring more business opportunities into your kitty. We are a robust team of highly experienced and talented experts in the field of digital marketing, specializing in different tools such as email marketing, direct marketing, and others. Our real-time email tracking and reporting lets you know how many emails were delivered, which addresses bounced, and why. Every detail is made available to you for evaluation and consideration within minutes of sending out your email campaign. Not only that, but we also help you to get reports on who opened your emails, which are the links that generated the most interest, and who clicked on which segment of your email.

When you opt for our email campaign tracking and reporting service, you can immediately witness some of the benefits that can leave an overall positive impact on your business. When you know these metrics, it becomes easier for you to revamp your strategies and find out the loopholes and correct them on time so that you don’t keep repeating the same mistakes over again.

With our assistance, you can also track the following:
• How many contacts opted in or opted out?
• What percentage of your contacts forwarded your emails to a friend or a family member?
• The comment box lets you collect comments on why people are opting out.
• Compare past email campaigns, get information on bounce rates and more.