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Email Campaign: It’s Time to Push Start Button !

Email Unsubcribers

By Clara Lincy | Infographics | July 25, 2014

When it comes to the expansion of the customer base, expanding market reach, and generating quality leads, email marketing is undoubtedly the most trusted and effective medium. Email marketing alone generates 6x more responses than any other marketing channel. Business leveraging email campaigns to connect with the audience, promote products, and spread awareness has seen successful returns from their investment. With the right email strategy in place, businesses can notice considerable growth in their conversions and sales.

Email Unsubscribers


— The Trusted form of Conversion

87% of Americans use email as their primary form of communication

Nearly 4.4% of conversion rate comes from email marketing only.

But why unsubscribe?

  • Around 14% of respondents said they frequently
  • 67% of content is irrevalant
  • 64% receiving emails too frequently
  • 63% too generic not personalized
  • 50% Fear that their information might be shared or stored

Dumping too many emails can be harmful

  • 91% consumers have unsbuscribed
  • 47% consumers receieve too many emails
  • 35% marketers email an address 2-3 times/month
  • 40% marketers email an address 4-6 times/month

Cost of an Email unsubcribe

Each year, “unsubscribes” cost U.S. Retailers an estimated $5.8 billion
that’s $ 111 million per week

within 1st week – 5%

within 1st month – 6.5%

within 1st 3months – 8.5%

Smarter — Email Subscribers Have Gotten Pickier

Content Marketing

Introduce new content on frequent basis Answer questions, give advice, include how-to, tips and other helpful tip


Bombards readers with excessive self-promotion.

Too much me – me can turn readers off

Frequency Consistency


Send email messages on cosnistent basis. Set a time like every Wednesday 5o’clock so many people know when to expect your mail


Changing freuency without notifying subscribers

Privacy Gaurantee


Include short text in each email displaying full privacy policy


Only Send emails to subscribers and double check before clicking “all customers” instead of “only subscribers”

Make them STAY!!

Email Works — Find a golden rule

Emails a great way to stay in touch with millions of people and customers
actually prefer it more than any direct medium. Keep it clean, direct and personalized

First Impression – Roclk it

Those few introductory email can make or break a relationship, make them count.

Timing + Relevancy = Happier Customers
The trick is to deliver right message, to the right person, at the right time. Not too much and too liffle that they forget you.

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