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Email Appending Company

In today’s digitally advanced era, most of the people prefer receiving communication via email than any other channel. Email plays a huge role in the life of the modern day marketers, serving as a cost-effective medium for communication and marketing their products and services to a wider audience. While direct mail and telemarketing campaigns still are in use among many, email marketing campaigns enjoy more popularity and are way more effective and responsive in generating quality leads for a business.

If you have a comprehensive customer database of postal information, and later you want to expand your marketing operations with email marketing, then you would need customer email address. You may consider building up a new list of customer email addresses from scratch to address the need. But doing so will take time as well as investment. With eSalesData’s email appending services you are saved from the hassle of having to track down individual email ids manually. With the offering of permission-based corporate email database, we guarantee that your business communication never fails to get delivered to the right inbox.

How our email appending process works?

The time taken to append your email list greatly depends on your list size. However, we try our best to offer clients faster services without compromising on the quality. The process begins with customers sending us the name, postal address and company name of the contact whose email address they want to add to the list. In the next step, we match the given details with our permission-based and opt-in email database to provide accurate email data that reduces bounce rate. Our repository of more than 75 million B2B records across various industries is regularly updated and verified. That is why the data we provide during the appending process guarantees maximum accuracy and relevance.

Benefits of eSalesData’s Email Appending

Email marketing is considered to be one of the most result-driven marketing channels that helps attract attention faster than any other channel. However, email campaigns yield successful returns only when the right data back them. Reaching customers through email would require businesses to have their valid email id’s to avoid getting bounced. And so, we provide our customers a comprehensive list of authentic email addresses collected from trusted outlets to help explore the real potentiality of email marketing.

Here are some benefits of our email appending service that can give your business the right direction it needs to succeed:

• Our eminent Email Append Service will:
• Give access to valid data for faster and cost-effective communication with prospects
• Boost customer engagement and retention
• Help reach the right contact at their correct email to increase lead generation and conversion
• Expand customer base and extend reach to global customers via email

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