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Why Ecommerce Businesses Need to Focus More on Email Marketing in 2017

Why Ecommerce Business Need To Focus More On

By Clara Lincy | Blog | October 24, 2017

Driving traffic to a website can be a challenging and tedious task even for an expert marketer. So, what comes to their rescue is an effective email campaign helping them reach out to a wider audience, enabling them to build relationships with customers. According to Direct Marketing Association, email marketing has an ROI of around 4,300% giving online marketers the motivation they need to go ahead with their next email campaign targeting their specific customers.

As per reports, about 50% of the web traffic is generated by mobile devices and out of which the activity people mostly engage in is viewing of emails. Hence, statistically, it is proven that email an outlet of opportunities that can give any e-commerce business the right trigger and brand exposure they would aim to achieve.

To transform a visitor into a paying customer, e-commerce companies need to communicate well with their prospects, engage them with their brand, and stay in their mind to keep the audience updated with their brand’s existence, latest happenings and lucrative offers that customers can take advantage of.

Here are the three ways that show how email marketing can help online marketers outperform their competitors and rule the e-commerce space like a king.

Increases Sales

Although today, most e-commerce businesses leverage social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and others for interacting with customers, updating them with their offers, etc. but when it comes to initiating a sales conversation with your audience, email happens to outperform social media.
Emails reaching out to customer inboxes assure the maximum possibility of being opened and read if sent to the right address with a personalized, engaging message. On the contrary, there are fewer chances of your posts on social media profiles being noticed by your targeted audience. They are less likely to visit your Facebook page to keep a track on your brand’s activities.

So, even in this age of social media, emails are still the best way to directly communicate with customers to keep the sales meter going up for your business.

Reduces Cart Abandonment

If you are selling online, then you must be well aware of what cart abandonment is all about. A customer visiting your website, putting items in the cart but leaving without making any purchase at the last moment is perhaps a nightmare and pain point for e-commerce businesses. It is indeed not a good feeling to lose a deal at the last stage of the sales funnel.

In such a scenario emails are the ones that still keep the hope alive. Using customer’s email address, you can remind them of their pending purchase that was left incomplete with the hope that a tailored email may be successful in bringing them back to your website to finish what they started.

Enables Pro-Level Market Research

Knowing your customer needs in exact details can help you create better offers for them, making it enticing for them to buy from your brand. Earlier, field survey and market research were a common practice by marketers, but these were time-consuming too. Surveys are still there even today, but it has been digitalized making it easier for marketers to keep a track on customer preferences, demands and other useful data that can be used to target the right customer at the right time with the best offer.

Thanks to email marketing that has made it a seamless and inexpensive process for online businesses to know their customers better even without meeting them in person. By sending emails that can extract information from customers about what product they want and in what quantity, size, etc. e-commerce businesses gets to know customer opinions and later can address them with emails that notify on when items they want are available. Email marketing is an excellent way to do market research like a pro to get the customer information required to in developing campaigns that can drive better sales.

For eCommerce businesses, email marketing is an unavoidable tool that needs to be implemented as early as possible to earn the attention of subscribers or visitors visiting your website to encourage them to buy from your online store and help you gain more ROI for your business.



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