Our Top Email Marketing Trends To Grow Your Business        

Our Top Email Marketing Trends To Grow Your Business

B2B Email Marketing

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Email marketing is one of the successful marketing processes giving high sales to the organization over the years, and with the introduction of new trends and practices, it will bring a fresh perspective to this process. Marketers have to adopt the latest practices to revamp the complete process, as without that, one might get outsmarted by their competitors.

Find some of the email marketing trends which will make your business grow faster by connecting you with high-quality B2B leads:

Flourishing trends in email marketing


The recent trends in email marketing are:

1. Personalization:


This has become very popular, as personalization helps in connecting with the customer instantly. We all love getting personal attention, so when any person conveys a message to us aligned with our requirements, likings, preferences; it hits the right chord with us.

Some of the examples of personalized emails are:


As per a survey by Campaign Monitor, 68% of the Americans said they decided to open the email by seeing the “from” name. To appeal a large audience and generate more from the campaigns, marketers have to personalize the “from” name of the emails. Personalized email subject lines even increase the open rate by 26%.


Dynamic content offers:


Many brands use the geographic and demographic data for personalizing the offers to be delivered. The entire sections of the content are dynamically changed within the email for making the campaign relevant and appealing to subscribers.

Adidas did it in one of their campaigns, where it changed the content as per the male and female subscribers. The same way you can change the content to suit the complex need of your B2B customer.

Dynamic Content


Dynamic Contents


Product recommendations:


By integrating the recent purchase history of the customer into email marketing, you can leverage customer behavior in creating engaging and relevant email content that can boost sales.

E-commerce sites are now enabled to create real-time, targeted content which can indirectly speak to the customer and maintain a long-term relationship with them. There are some sites where customers abandoned the shopping cart and did not purchase any item after browsing; they can be reminded of completing their purchase process.

Product Recommendations

In the above example, you can see how the brand is providing product recommendations as per the customer’s browsing history. The products also include the free shipping offer with an easy call-to-action button.


2. Engagement:


Customer’s engagement is necessary for email marketing to make high-end sales. You can reward engaged subscribers by offering them a specific offer or discounts. This will motivate them in coming back.


Re-engaging the subscribers:


Some subscribers have been inactive quite a long time.

You can create a separate segment to target these email subscribers with the right offer, such as an attractive incentive, a giveaway, or special offer. This might motivate them to take some action, further giving behavioral information about the customer.

Re Engaging


3. Spam filters:


Recipients are making spam filters active in their emails so that the emails which they think is not necessary can be automatically sent to the spam filter. This effects email deliverability.

Keeping a vigilant eye while sending emails are necessary to get a better click-through and open rate.

So, how to avoid spam filters?

You have to implement segmentation for sending relevant and targeted email campaigns. This will increase the opening of the emails and decreasing the deletion of the emails.

Using a reply-to address in the campaigns: When you use a no-reply address in the email campaigns, then it gives a negative signal to the recipient. It automatically conveys the message that you do not want to hear back from your recipient and are only interested to send bulk mails.

Try with some tested alternatives like:



These kinds of emails can help you to land in your recipient’s inbox and even encourages them to reply back.

4. Trust factor:


Whatever you do, if the trust factor is not there then most likely the recipients are never going to open your email. From the beginning stage itself, you have to instill confidence in the buyer to make them feel that they are buying the right product, which will make a positive difference in the company.

As the investment is huge, B2B customers even face the post-purchase anxiety like whether they would have gone with some other vendor even after the signing the deal. They have to consider many risk factors, which include professional credibility, software’s inability to perform, and monetary investment loss. If the product or service did not work the way it should have, then the buyer is the person who will be blamed within the organization.

So, make the right space and develop a good relationship with your customers by providing them high-quality service.

5.Segmenting the event attendees:


B2B marketers many times feel that all the customers who attend events where their brand was present would prefer to buy their service. This is not true most of the times, as there are B2B organizations who would just attend an event to know more about the latest service and product in the industry.

As a B2B marketer, you have to figure out which of the attendees are most likely to buy your service and develop emails which can connect with those buyers immediately.



The B2B buying process is a complex scenario with different hierarchical steps, delaying the closing procedure. Adoption of latest trends will help in winning over more customers in less time. You just have to be aware of using the right trend at the right time to achieve the desired business results.

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