Direct Mail Marketing is Not Dead Yet - Here's Why      

Direct Mail Marketing is Not Dead Yet

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By Clara Lincy | Blog | August 7, 2019

In the digital age, traditional practices like sending a postcard, brochures, and letters are fading away. These days, direct mail marketing is slowly getting replaced with digital marketing. However, against the popular belief that in the age of the internet, direct mails are vanishing, then let us inform that you have mistaken. There is no doubt that today’s marketers widely choose online marketing practices, but direct mail marketing still holds the value if done in the right way, using effective strategies.

What is Direct Mail Marketing?


Direct mail is a traditional marketing technique in which organizations and businesses send postcards, promotional materials, official letters, and brochures to their existing as well as potential customers. In this type of direct marketing, the communication from the brand reaches the mailbox of the customer at their postal or mailing address and not via any digital medium. Advertisements and campaigns are sent to the client’s mailbox for various purposes like survey, audience research, mailing list building, and more.

Direct mail marketing involves physical correspondence between the brand and the company through mails that the customer may receive in person. There are different types of direct mail, such as booklets and catalogs, circulars, mailers, parcels, dimensional mailers, and more. Depending upon the purpose and objective of use, businesses select the type of direct mail they want to send to their customers.

Direct mail Marketing Isn’t Dead – Why?


Many of us consider direct mail marketing to be dead as today; we only focus and talk about online marketing. But to prove such conceptions, we have different statistical evidence that hints towards the fact that direct mails are still alive and it continues to be as effective today as it used to be years back.

When it comes to popularity, direct mails are nowhere behind than other direct marketing channels. According to stats, 70% of Americans consider mail to be more personal than the Internet, and even 54% of customers prefer receiving mails from the brands they are interested in.

Here are some of the reasons that support the fact that direct mail marketing has not gone anywhere:

Direct Mails Generate Better Responses


We all know that people today prefer online communications more, but that doesn’t mean that direct mail is no longer effective. The personal touch and wider demographic reach of direct mails are way more impactful than email marketing. That is why direct mails are found to generate more responses than emails. Not all your customers may use or know to use emails or social media. For those, direct mails really do work in generating responses and converting them into customers.

Solely investing all your marketing budget into email marketing isn’t a wise decision if you consider that direct mails are way more effective even in this digital age.

Direct Mails are Easy to Understand


The reason we say direct mail is more effective because it is easy to understand as customers don’t have to put in a lot of brainpower to decode a message or understand its technicalities as it happens in case of emails. People who are digital-savvy may find emails convenient, but for others, direct mails are comfortable and easier.

Makes Marketing Memorable


When it comes to leaving a long-lasting effect with your marketing campaigns, direct mail marketing performs better than its virtual alternative. In the world of the Internet, people come across many ads in a single moment or day. Hence, the chance of remembering any of them is likely less as it gets lost in the crowd. But on the contrary, direct mails remain physically present with the receiver which they can have a relook whenever they want, generating emotional responses, which eventually leads to better memory.

Direct mails are considered best to evoke an emotional response as receiving a personalized letter with handwritten note or signature is always more appealing than an electronic message.

It is Interactive


Direct mail is more interactive as the customer physically gets to handle the mail and look at it. Through direct mail, you can send vouchers or promotional coupons which catches the eye and makes your marketing efforts center of attention. Customers can relate to it and can keep the physical letters or brochures with them for future reference.

Less Competition


As not many companies leverage direct mail marketing, so the competition to get attention is less here as compared to the digital channels. There is less chance of your customer’s mailbox getting overcrowded because businesses send emails mostly instead of mails. Also, the possibility of a colorful, creative, and useful mail standing out in the mailbox is higher than your website on Google’s search engine results page.

Every day, thousands of emails may land into the customer’s inbox, and grabbing attention is really a challenge in such a scenario. However, it is not same with direct mails as the possibility of clutter in your mailbox is far less. Hence, the chances of your mails getting noticed, opened, and read are way better.

6 Tips for Success of Your Direct Mail Marketing Efforts

1. Get Accurate Mailing List


The first thing to start with will always be data. You need the right data to embark on your direct mail marketing journey. Without the contact details of your potential customers, sending them mails isn’t possible. While many try building their own mailing list, however, the process is tedious and time-consuming. So, it is always best to purchase a targeted and accurate mailing list of your niche audience from reliable and reputed providers like eSalesData. You can get a customized mailing addresses list and drop your messages at the correct mailbox of your customers.

2. Pull Up a Great Design on Paper


Like the design of your email marketing campaign template, the design of your direct mail also matters. If the documented paper through which you are communicating with your clients isn’t attractive and engaging, it will mostly land up into the dustbin. It is essential that the design of your mail is great and stands out in the box so that the recipient can’t resist to open it.

Following the basic design rule, you can always show creativity. If you don’t know to create amazing professional designs for your direct mails, then you are free to take the help of graphic designers who are pro at it. Hire professional people who know how to come out with excellent designs and see your direct mail marketing campaigns performing the way you wanted.

3. Use Effective Content Piece


Make sure that the content of your direct mails are relevant and resonates with the preferences and interests of your targeted audience. It is not enough to inform about the product to your audience. You must be elaborate and precise with your promotional content explaining every aspect of the new product or service for which you are sending mails to your customer. You have to build credibility and add value through unique and engaging content, then only your audience will relate. Your content should be informative and useful. Also, don’t forget to include call-to-action that relates to the particular offer you have discussed in the mail.

4. Put Yourself in Customer Shoes


Consider yourself In place of your prospects and imagine how you would react to a particular direct mail or the offer inside. Understanding your customer’s perspective is essential as it helps to build your campaign based on the insights and what the customer wants. Also, send the campaigns to your friends and family to note their reaction so that you get to know the possible response of your audience once you send the direct mail.

Often marketers see prospects as an opportunity to sell, and in doing so, they fail to give importance to customer preferences and needs. There are various factors that you need to judge before sending your campaigns, and if you put yourself in customer shoes, you will think and respond as they would do. And this input will help you to tweak your campaign for the best results.

5. Test Before You Send


Without testing your direct mail marketing campaign, sending them to prospects isn’t a good strategy. Many companies had failed with a disappointing outcome when they didn’t test their campaigns to see how they perform. You can send a test mail to any employee or colleague to see whether it is reaching on time, how engaging the design is, and if everything is in place. Based on the observations, you can make adjustments and correct mistakes if any.

6. Do Follow Up


Following up is a must. It’s not that once you send the direct mails, your job is done. In fact, post-campaign works are equally important. You need to personalize and connect with your audience to check whether they have received the mail and to note their response. After a postcard or a sales letter reaches the customer, the next thing marketers must do is make a follow-up call to stay connected and ensure that the possible interaction turns into a sales lead.

Contrary to what most of us believe, direct mails has still not become obsolete and incapable of serving the purpose of marketers. It is even today as effective and successful in bridging the gap between companies and customers as it did a decade ago. You can definitely give direct mail marketing a try if you don’t want to go by the popular trend and want to do something different to stand out in this digitalized world.



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