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Data Licensing Services

Make the Best Use Information with the Help of Our Data Licensing Services.

Re-share, Re-use, and Re-distribute Our Priced Data within Your Internal System for Better Outcomes.

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    eSalesData offers you the most accurate database with the help of cutting-edge technology infrastructure. Data is the most valuable asset for companies today. Hence, every organization has limitations and restrictions imposed on reuse and redistribution of their data. Any unpermitted use of one’s data by a third party is considered unethical and against the intellectual property rights.

    But unlike others, we at eSalesData believe in proper utilization of information by our clients, and that is why we have our data licensing agreement that authorizes our customers to supply our price data within their internal system in compliance with our conditions and terms for use in business purposes.

    Our data licensing service enables the use of data, which is clean, new, and provides the unique advantages of streamlining the marketing and sales effort in an organization. It also gives the best database management options and helps in reaching out to the customers on a large scale. So, purchase the licensed solution from eSalesData for driving good business results.

      Benefits of Using eSalesData Data Licensing Services

      • Re-share our price data among colleagues within an organization directly or via company system.
      • Trade financial and physical contracts using our price data
      • Leverage our price data for reference in transactions, valuation, and pricing
      • Create and use information extracted from our price data
      • To get data customization options to address business needs

      Finding the right data can be complicated, so we are here to help you
      We endeavor to provide Best of the best mailing lists in the market that will drive success and growth both in long term and short term business ventures.

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