9 Comprehensive Data-Driven Marketing Strategies for Law Firms      

Data-Driven Marketing Strategies for Law Firms

Data-Driven Marketing Strategies For Law Firms

By Clara Lincy | Blog | July 1, 2021

Lawyers and law firms are dependent on an enormous amount of data. It could be about the government statutes, details of all the various laws in place, information about the practice of law and client data. Comparatively, lawyers and professionals in the law business have been rather slow in adopting and adapting to the method of digital marketing.

Law firms could take a leaf out of the book of other businesses which have incorporated tactics of marketing in today’s world and join the club. Law firms shouldn’t leave it to be a matter of chance but make it a matter of choice.

Here is a compilation of various marketing strategies law firms can implement tools of digital marketing to streamline their operations, improve their business and amass higher revenues.

#1.Brand building

Your law firm’s brand is the impression that your firm has in the minds of the public. Brand building for law firms must and should answer some questions. What is the way your legal practice is perceived by people? What is the image of the attorneys of your law firm in the outside world? What is the general consensus in the society about your law firm?

Your law firm needs to represent value, trustworthiness and quality. It needs to evoke feelings of dependability among the people. A law firm needs to leverage its data of past practice to project a vision of credibility and reliability. Your law firm’s promotion needs to make it stand out from the crowd with a unique positioning and distinct illustration. Brand building can be achieved through several marketing strategies which are at your beck and call. You need to pull out all stops in advertising and marketing your law business and digital marketing tools facilitate you to achieve it.

#2.Identifying your target audiences

Like in any other business, even the law practice needs to first determine who its customers are. Today, a client can be from your neighborhood alley or from somewhere half-way across the globe. Fixing who your target audience is also needs introspection and self-analysis to have an understanding what are the kinds of services you offer. When you know what you’ve got and what you are presenting to the client, it is much easier to decide whom you are marketing your services to.

One of the marketing tactics used in finding the target audiences is to create a “buyer persona”. It is the creation of model representation of an “ideal client”. For this, you need to study what are the makings of such an ideal client. You need to research and find out what are the requirements of such an ideal client, what are such a client’s demographic qualities, what are this ideal client’s motivations, challenges and pain points. You could study a few profiles of some of your significant clients to come up with a composite representation of ideal client.


Your law firm needs to possess a well-designed website which is informative and engaging. It goes without saying, visit to a company’s website is the entry point for most transactions that follow. Your website design should leave an impression on the minds of the visitor and also convey all the necessary information about your firm.

Next step is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A law firm’s website needs to be easily found/tracked down by prospective clients. Once found and a transaction is ensued, it is the duty of the law firm to make that transaction a memorable one for the client so that they become your “repeat clients”. Isn’t attracting clients and retaining them for a longer time what good business all about?

Law firms must make it a point to keep their websites updated and refreshed as regularly as is possible. It must be incorporated as a part of your marketing strategy.

 #4.Content marketing

To keep the information flow going, content marketing is a great strategy. Law firms need to find ways to avoid a lull in their communication channels with clients even during lean phases. You need to identify your target audience i.e. customer persona and formulate your content in ways to appeal to them.

Law firms could specialize in preparing video and audio content which are relevant and useful to clients. This is a great substitute for events which demand in-person attendance.

Another way to make up for the inability to conduct programs like seminars would be to organize podcasts, live sessions and webinars. In the pandemic-dominated world of 2020, Cloud-based apps like Zoom and Time were the go-to methods for arranging events which asked for the involvement of a group. These virtual events are ideal ways to keep in touch with your clients and also make up for the paucity of events in the real world.

The methods devised for content marketing in conditions of Corona pandemic are here to stay and are sure to become the norm in the days to come.

#5.Social media presence

Social media is becoming increasingly popular with people of all ages and the size of community of social media users is burgeoning by the day.

Law firms could do well to sign up on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Each of these platforms has its own strong points and law professionals need to study them and project their promotional data accordingly. Facebook consists of a generalized cross-section of users and they welcome data with words and images – like start of a new service. Twitter is more suited for short, crisp messages like updates and advice on matters of law suits and litigation. LinkedIn is apt for staying in touch with clients who are professionals and business oriented.

Social media marketing as a strategy goes a long way in building your brand awareness and you never know when and what can convert your “Followers” into clients.

#6.Newsletters and Emails

E-mails are one of the most convenient forms of one-to-one communication. E-mails are also a preferred technique of information dissemination and converting subscribers into customers. According to Statista, in 2018, there were 3.8 billion registered email users worldwide. This number is predicted to jump to 4.4 billion users in 2023.

Emails are a great way of lead nurturing and lead engagement. Thus, they act as the first step in converting prospects into clients.

You could build up a database of subscribers comprising your clients. You could start circulating e-newsletters which inform and educate your clients about the activities at your firm. If such newsletters get forwarded by your subscribers and get circulated among a wider circle of people, there are chances that it might attract new subscribers to your fold and further bolster your database. This is turn may lead to these subscribers getting converted and they becoming your future clients.

In the same vein, you could start a periodical blog which briefs your readers about the work of your law firm. It could end up having the same effect as a popular newsletter and attract prospective clients.

#7.Paid advertising

Likewise, you can never ignore the utility of tried-and-tested advertising modes like newspapers, radio, television, billboards and movie halls. You need to place your ads in a way which reaches the widest possible circle of customers and it goes a long way in creating and sustaining publicity for your law firm.

#8.Data analytics

Data analytics involves taking large amounts of data and analyzing them to find prominent and identifiable patterns and trends and making informed decisions. It forms an important part of marketing strategies where plenty of data is involved – like it is with law firms.

#9.Client Retention

Your existing clients are as, if not more, important as your new customers. By constantly keeping your customers in the loop, you show appreciation for their presence and they in turn are sure to continue to do business with you. Also remember, your existing clients are one of the strongest channels for your firm to get introduced to your prospective and future clients.

Clients like to feel that they are wanted and remembered. You would want to prevent all chances of your clients migrating to a different firm because they were unhappy with your services. When it is called for, you need to intimate your clients with the necessary data and information without the slightest delay. This is sure to win your accounting firm a lot of admiration from your clients.

Pandemic-induced circumstances in 2020-21 have made law firms realize better than ever before the worth and benefits of client retention.


Law firms and attorneys form one of the most important sections in the makeup of a civilized society and country. Law is today as much a profession as it is a business. So, it is expected and required of those working in law firms to play by the rules of the business world. That makes it imperative that law firms today implement marketing strategies of the digital kind. It is very much the need of the hour. It is heartening to note that law professionals are beginning to see the benefits of data-driven strategies and integrating them into their daily affairs.

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