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Data Appending Services

Enhance the scope of your existing database and explore more opportunities with eSalesData’s Data Appending Services.

Add news information, replace old contacts, verify and validate data, and audit your database with our expert solutions.

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    Data optimization is a critical part of the services we provide at eSalesData. Data appending, put simply, is the addition of prospect data to a pre-existing, incomplete prospect record. For example, if you have a database list of customer phone numbers and wish to establish email contact with them, data appending is ideal for you.

    6-Steps to Our Data Appending Process

    Cross-verify all your data

    all your data

    Identify old or incomplete details

    Identify old or incomplete details

    Update Records

    Update or replace obsolete data with new one

    Remove duplicate email

    Remove duplicate email and mailing addresses

    Validate every information

    Validate every information category wise

    Audit the list of records

    Audit the list of records for maximum accuracy

    Data enhancement increases the scope of your data to help in

    •  Build a comprehensive database of customer and prospect information.
    •  Gain a better understanding of who your customers are.
    •  Enhance your marketing capacity by allowing you to campaign through multiple marketing channels.

    What We Cover in our Data Appending Services?

    We place a host of data appending services at your disposal including:

    Email and Reverse Email Appending
    Delve into the online market with email appending and receive a clean, permission-based list of email addresses with the highest match rates possible! If all you have is a list of email addresses to begin with we’ll reverse the appending process and deliver customized information fields.

    Phone and Reverse Phone Appending
    Branch out into telemarketing and obtain an immediate two-way marketing channel with our phone appending services when all you have is email ids or names. Again, we can reverse the process to append email and postal addresses to any email record you may have.

    If you’re engaged in B2B marketing, we can append you records with contact names, titles, SIC codes, phone/fax numbers, sales volume, office type, company size, no. of employees, etc.

    Tailor you marketing material toward specific consumer markets with highly relevant information including occupation, home value, marital status, no. of children, income and ethnicity and even specialized information like internet connectivity!

    The National Change of Address database stores addresses of individuals and businesses that have relocated within the last four years. Minimize on direct marketing costs by making sure your database is free of obsolete information.

    What you Get from Our Data Appending Service?

    •  Accurate and updated data for better responses
    •  Greater customer insights for targeted campaigning
    •  Find more potential customers having similar profiles
    •  Gain more transparency in your marketing efforts
    •  Increased lead generation and revenue earnings

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