Crowdsourcing – Create All Purpose Pitchy Content

Content has been the most preferred and trusted method of marketers to foretell their offerings, in the process engaging consumers to buy. While content has been credited with huge importance, organizations are currently struggling to create something that is new, fresh and original. Google playing its updates now and then, it has become highly difficult to maintain SERPs constantly. Hiring highly qualified editorial staff is not enough, sources of generating quality and relevant content has gone into a brim. So have we reached a dead end with content?

Crowdsourcing – A new Alternative

Crowdsourcing – Create All Purpose Pitchy Content!!

You might be hearing a lot about crowdsourcing these days – the simple idea behind this is to use a large online community to complete tasks as diverse as compiling an online encyclopedia or creating a database of popular bars that directs you watering holes around the world.

It’s a great content concept, still not implemented into most marketers’ content creation and promotion strategies. So here’s how you can evaluate how good you are at your job (or aren’t) at crowdsourcing. If your answer is NO to any of the questions, well needless to say you are missing out on some great opportunities for easy wins.


1.     Conditioning Comments

All your content pieces should not only allow commenting but also encourage it. So once you receive comments, here’s what you got to do:

  • Revert commenter with follow up questions

Inspiration can hit you anywhere, may be somewhere within the leagues of comments you can find the idea that can be a strike through.

  • Engage

If commenter put different viewpoints, focus them out and engage in further debate. This might result in great fodder for a podcast video chat, exploring different angles.

  • Multiuse Comments

You can also repurpose comments as quotes or testimonials.

2.     Surveys and Polls

Multiple tools are available that allows you to reach customers and receive feedback. PollDaddy is one such tool that can easily be integrated into WordPress.

If you’re publishing a common topic just add one or two at the end of each piece with that you would be capturing bunch of data that you can leverage late into content pieces. Try TechValidate that helps create surveys and also automatically creates charts and graphs for you based on the responses you receive.

3.     Industry Influencers

Working with industry leaders assists you in leveraging their expertise and thought leadership, an interesting way to add to your content strategy.

  • Identify the experts that your buyers are being influenced by
  • Establish initial contact with those influencers
  • Pitching the influencer on your value proposition
  • Engage well and reduce the chances of them rejecting your proposal

4.     Social Media

Most of you might be nodding their heads but using social media is not the end of the deal. But are you using the blend of social media and content well. If you are doing it all of your posts shall have the potential to go viral. Use HootSuite or Buffer to reach out to your audience multiple times and avoid being over looked.

There are a lot more ways to use crowdsourcing as a way to develop pitchy content, just go with the flow and create wonders.