How to Develop a Winning Cross-Channel Marketing Strategy      

How to Develop a Successful Cross-Channel Marketing Strategy

Cross Channel Marketing

By Clara Lincy | Articles | April 1, 2020

A cross-channel marketing strategy is crucial for the growth of an organization. With increased consumer interaction and rapid technological growth, consumers are getting more connected than ever before. They check their emails, social networking sites regularly giving a tough time to the brands across the world, to cut through the noise and reach the right customer at the right time. Cross-channel marketing, which is the personalized interactions across various digital channels gives a 360-degree view of customer behavior in real-time. It allows the brand for effectively communicating with customers across multiple touch points.

Some of the major benefits of a cross-channel marketing strategy are:

Increased engagement:


A single channel communication with customers might generate a certain degree of success. This type of action means you are relying on a specific type of user behavior. It could be like connecting with the customer after working hours, while in cross channel marketing, one can connect with the customer multiple times during a day and at different points of the purchase cycle.
As per a research, it was found that when customers are outreached in two or more than two channels, then the engagement level is 166% higher than a single channel rate.

Alignment with consumer behavior:


Cross-channel marketing helps in aligning the marketing process with the consumer’s behavior. “Customer is king,” so it is necessary to understand their needs and behavior to prepare a better marketing strategy.

A cross-channel marketing strategy is one of the successful marketing strategies, and by implementing below tactics it can generate amazing results. Find out some of them below:

Social media:


Social media, as one of the effective marketing channels, helps you connect with new customers in different countries. As a marketer, you should effectively use this channel for increasing the sales conversion and revenue for the organization.

Find out some of the useful information for selecting the best platform:

  • Facebook has the largest network, and good paid advertising capabilities.
  • In Twitter, interactions are done within 140 characters, out of which 80% happens on the mobile.
  • LinkedIn helps the B2B community in around 200 countries.
  • Pinterest is known to be mainly used by the women population
  • Snapchat is effective mainly for the millennial and female user base thriving on the video content

Email marketing:


Regardless of multiple marketing channels, email marketing will never lose its relevance. Although other channels help in the faster communication process, email marketing helps in better personalization. Majority of the customers favor personalized messages where importance is given to them before promoting the product or service.

The website:


Website also plays a part to build up an effective cross-channel marketing strategy. You have to update the information on the website regularly, and check whether the information about services, products, contact is accurate.

Many of the customers first start their search via online searches, so it’s better to have an online presence to get high visibility.



You have to keep updating the blog section with new images and content to get better ranking in the search engine results. The topics should revolve around the current technology trends and practices. Invaluable content can be shared among a wider audience for better outreach. The blog sharing practice will improvise business results by generating the required revenue and sales.

SEO, better known as the search engine optimization has helped marketers quite a while in attracting the right customers, and now with the amalgamation of all the marketing channels, it will provide a unified experience to the customers.



Cross-channel marketing offers an opportunity for taking the full advantage of branding and advertising campaigns across different channels. As a marketer, you have to embrace this strategy by acknowledging different behaviors and events which consumers execute in the process along the marketing funnel. With channels continually evolving, one needs to adopt a cross-channel strategy for effective growth.

The strategy also helps in analyzing what and how the customers are searching for the information. An effective cross channel marketing strategy helps in getting a single view of the customer data, and with mixed channels giving the same information, marketers can deliver a personalized and consistent customer experience meeting all their specific requirements on a complete level.

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