CRM Data Enrichment - CRM Data Enhancement and Cleansing      

Marketing campaigns often fail because of the inaccurate and incomplete list of records in your database. This happens because businesses hardly give importance to updating their database from time to time. They fail to understand that data grows old and it needs to be replaced with new ones at regular intervals. The contacts of a prospect present in your database today may become inactive after a month. As a result, communications sent to that address yields no output and ends up being a waste of time and effort.

That is why we at eSalesData have in offer a result-driven CRM data enrichment service that can help maintain and preserve the data accuracy of your repository with expertise. We have an experienced team of data scientists who work to keep your database up-to-date and enriched with fresh and active contacts of business prospects. Our primary objective is to deliver excellent service that helps your marketing and sales team to get a detailed understanding of the customer profile so that they can plan campaigns accordingly. We help you to fill your database with the right data for efficient targeting of prospects for your product and brand promotion.

Your Concerns:

• Inadequate data to address your marketing needs
• Incomplete and old contacts
• Unable to reach targets with duplicate records
• Unsegmented and scattered data causing a delay
• Manual data enrichment is time-consuming

Solutions We Offer:

• Validate and verify every record in the CRM
• Replace duplicate data with relevant ones
• Fill in the missing contacts
• Proper segmentation of data for better targeting
• Eliminating old and inactive accounts from the list

By replacing your old contacts with relevant ones and by filling the missing data from your CRM data repository, we help you drive better customer engagement and help retain existing as well as the new customer.

Improper data arrangement in your CRM may slow down the process of deal closure. Moreover, obsolete contacts present in the database are of no use to your sales and marketing team. It will only hinder their smooth functioning and drive no success from your campaigns. With our CRM data enrichment service, you can combat all those challenges that need timely fixation for reaching desired objectives.

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