Choosing The Perfect Mailing List Vendor – 10 Great Tips      

Choosing The Perfect Mailing List Vendor – 10 Great Tips

How to Choose Email Vendor

By Clara Lincy | Articles | March 17, 2020

There is no such thing as a perfect mailing list, but the mailing list which completely matches the requirements of your organization can be termed as the suitable mailing list for your marketing campaign.

As of now, you must be aware that if the solution does not reach your prospect at the right time, then your entire marketing campaign will fail. You will surely never want that to happen to your marketing campaign after making huge investment!!!!

So, look out for some of the best scrutinizing tactics for filtering out the best mailing list vendor. The main criteria to search for the best vendor are:

1. A vendor been in the business for several years:

Vendors who have been into the business from many years have a good range of experience in the industry, as they have analyzed a hell lot of direct marketing and email campaigns. They are aware of the type of email campaigns which will work for a specific audience. It has helped them to gain the rightful insight in refining the mailing solution so that you, as a customer, do not face any inconvenience.

2. Reputed and unbiased mailing list:

This is the perfect way to find if the organization has your best interest at heart. Organizations which are not biased to provide the right mailing solution are known to be the high-end service providers who do not give the service for the sake of providing but offer the quality one to maintain customer relationship.

The professionals of such organization minutely analyze every customer’s requirements to map the data accurately, so that when you receive the final mailing list, it helps in seamlessly connecting with the best prospect for the conversion.

3. Highly responsive mailing list:

A good mailing list should have the responsive mailing solution, which is above average click-through rate, open rate, and the most crucial at least 90% delivery rate.

4. Quality service is never provided at a cheap cost:

It is a fact that nowhere in the market you will get the quality service at a cheaper price. So, if you are being approached with such offer then beware it could be a scam. Always lookout for the service which will redirect your marketing campaign in the right path, even if you have to pay a little more. The right integration of high-quality mailing lists will help the long-term goals of your organization.

5. Availability of autoresponders:

You need to check whether there is the availability of autoresponder as your business will need to communicate with the program participants and customers. Regular communication is necessary to keep your service on top-of-the-mind of your potential customers, which can be executed with the help of this service.

6. Ensuring that the vendor sells only permission-based lists:

If any vendor has not opted for the permission-based email list, then you should not purchase the solution from such a vendor. After investing a hefty amount, you will surely not want your email to land in the spam folder of the recipient.

An effective email campaign is that which is measured based on the deliverability rate, click-through rate, and open rate of the email. With a permission-based list, you can be assured of reaching a wider and broader range of audience.

7. Multiple sign up forms:

Stay away from the service, which gives you only one sign up form. You will need many lists beyond the basic one. Moreover, it’s a necessity than a simple requirement.

8. Triggered responses:

This means a follow-up mail based on a specific date or an action by the reader. It ensures that the customer stays in touch with your organization.

9. Asking for the sample data:

Buyers should ask for the sample data before purchasing the mailing list. A sample data gives an overall idea of the complete mailing solution. You can have the trial run of these mailing lists to check its effectiveness. This can be executed to check whether the entire mailing solution has the relevant data, which means you get some basic response from the recipient confirming that they exist.

The sample data are the skimmed creamy layer of the rich data to motivate the customer for purchasing the mailing list. So, there is a high probability if the sample data provided to you is efficient, then the organization is serious about their reputation for which they extract quality mailing lists from authentic sources.

10. Responsive templates:

The responsive template will help your email to appear correctly on any device, be it on a mobile phone or desktop. This can have a subconscious effect on the purchase decision of the customer. With B2B buyers, doing extensive research before making any purchase decision, you should not ignore the importance of responsive templates.There also should be flexible pricing as you have to increase the contacts as your business grows rapidly.

There are other relevant questions, which you have to ask your vendor before finalizing the service:
1) Do you guarantee the deliverability?
2) How often the mailing list gets updated?
3) Can the mailing list be used more than once?


To choose a mailing list vendor, it is a difficult task, as you have to consider many factors before selecting the right one. The best mailing list can help in the right connection at the right time.
As a buyer, you have to be aware of the required criteria for outgrowing your business. An accurate mailing list helps in the right sales conversion, thereby increasing the revenue and ROI of your organization. The discussed points will facilitate in making the perfect decision to improve the business results.

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