China Business Email Database

China is the world’s fastest growing major economy, and perhaps the most dynamic. Since 1978, when the country announced its opening up and reform policy, and began experimenting with capitalism and market forces, the country’s economy has boomed. While growth has begun to slow sharply in 2008, after growing at close to 12 percent in 2007, China is a rising global economic power.

Simplifying Your Chinese Business Ventures!

At eSalesData, the mailing list consists of executives of registered companies in China. These are mainly company representatives with top management job titles. The China business executives list is sourced from the company registry department, government departments, industrial associations, directories, credit reports, etc., and validated and updated through direct mail.

Some of our top selling C-Level Email List and Healthcare Mailing List for China includes:


We understand that in a country like China, it makes no sense to target lower management and small fry. That’s we help you make your pitch directly to the big fish of the corporate world. Where ever you decide to run your campaign we can help you find,

  • C-level Executives (CEO, CMO, CTO, CFO, CIO, CAO, etc.)
  • Directors
  • Vice-Presidents
  • Purchasing Managers
  • Department Heads
  • Mid-level Management
  • Industry Specialists

Targeting a smaller cross-section of prospects can help you achieve higher sales rates by using multiple messages that are tailored toward a more specific audience.

Every eSalesData Chinese business executives list contains information vital to the success of a marketing campaign including,

  • Full names,
  • Postal addresses,
  • Contact numbers,
  • SIC codes,
  • Designations,
  • Email IDs,
  • Zip codes and fax numbers.


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