Chemical Preparations NEC Industry Executives Email List      

Chemical Preparations NEC Industry Executives Email List

Much of the chemical industry requires plenty of large quantities of base chemicals, raw materials, laboratory equipment, insurance, specialized manufacturing machinery, safety devices and clothing besides a host of other products. And given that the global chemical industry is valued at over $3 trillion, it’s a safe bet to assume that they have to plenty of capital with which to acquire all their needs.

If you’ve been actively marketing to the chemical industry with limited or low levels of success, perhaps a well-researched mailing list can give your sales division a shot in the arm. eSalesData as a global purveyor of mailing data and marketing solutions can help get your marketing messages straight in front of chemical industry executives and decision-makers. By providing your sales teams with the means to quickly contact upper management, – where the real purchasing decisions are made – eSalesData virtually assures you of more powerful and profitable campaign.

When you buy NEC industry executives lists from eSalesData, you’ll be able to get in touch with,

  • Basic Chemical Producers
  • Synthetic Material Manufacturer
  • Agricultural Chemical Producers
  • Paint, Coatings and Adhesive Manufacturers
  • Miscellaneous Chemical Producers (Explosives, Ink, Toners, etc.)
  • And many, many more!

Our mailing databases are absolutely comprehensive, giving you complete coverage of chemical industry chiefs all across the globe. And the 6-stage verification protocols that we run every business record through ensure that you receive only the freshest prospects with which to fuel you sales drive.

Business lists are updated every 90 days to ensure 90% deliverability. And all sales leads come with critical marketing information that includes first name, last name, title, phone number, mobile number, fax number, email, SIC code, postal address and zip code.


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