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Buying a B2B Email List? Here’re the 6 Rules to Follow

6 rules to buy b2b email lists

By Clara Lincy | Articles | May 21, 2018

Finding the right data for supporting your marketing campaigns is not an easy task. Moreover, the list requirements vary from business to business. What may suit for brand A may not fit into the strategies of brand B. Hence, identifying the right database that will match your customer profile becomes a challenging job for the marketers.

Furthermore, marketers believe that the more they invest, they are likely to get quality list. But that’s merely an assumption. Even though you are ready to pay more, it is not necessary that the list you get will have equivalent value. There are many to dupe you with fake promises and sugar coated words. So, better than relying on others, it’s smarter to judge yourself before taking the final call with regards to your email list purchase.

Here is a list of rules that can help B2B marketers out there to select the contact list that will add value to their campaigns.

Trust the Human Voice

When you think of buying an email list, try to get in touch with the seller for a one-to-one conversation. Call the seller and talk to a live person. Don’t rely on automated calls or email communications only.

Say No to Generic Email Addresses

Generic email addresses are nowhere useful. For successful email marketing campaigns, marketers need to have targeted email addresses of their prospects. If the seller offers you a list of addresses like, then you are likely to get very less or no responses from campaigns. Hence, to ensure that your campaigns never fail to reach the right inbox and generate quality leads, never buy an email list with general info.

Invest in the List that offers Maximum Deliverability Rate

The principal reason for a low response rate of your emails is its poor deliverability rate. If your email campaigns don’t reach your audience, then they are likely to generate no responses. How much deliverability rate your seller can guarantee is what you must cross-check before buying the list from them.

Some providers will offer you 100 percent deliverability rate

But, in reality, no one can provide so. Hence, it is suggestible to trust genuine offers than believing in attractive offers. A 90 percent rate is achievable. So verify the possibilities and then take the decision.
Ask for Complete Customer Information Before the sales deal, the vendor may promise you to offer a comprehensive list. But what we recommend is to ask for a sample and check the relevance of their promises. The email list you purchase must contain direct mailing address and full contact name of the prospect. Say goodbye to the seller who fails to provide all the necessary details in the list.

Value for Money

Using a bad quality email list can get your IP address blacklisted, closing doors for future campaigns. Hence, when you think about opting for an email list, remember to give quality over quantity. There are email list providers who can offer quality data at an affordable price.

Check whether you got What Requested

The moment you receive the email list you asked for from the provider, don’t forget to check if the list has the information you requested. Often it’s seen that during the sales conversation, the seller makes catchy excellent promises which later they fail to keep. Hence, it is advisable that you look at the list to see if it matches your requirement.

Keep these six rules in mind and go ahead with your email list purchase today!

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