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Business Networking – The Unusual Way of Starting Usual Relationships

Business Networking

By Clara Lincy | Articles | July 25, 2014

We all love networking on social media platforms. These platforms are used for sharing ideas, reference, information, or help in job search, accommodation, etc. It has been proved that as a human being, we always need other fellow being for any support on a personal or professional front. Sometimes connections can bring about life-changing scenarios, and you might get help from people from unusual places. Business networking is no different; it also needs the right exposure and a good business circle of varied professionals from diverse industries, organizations for outgrowing the revenue.

You should know that business networking is one of the crucial processes in an organization and cannot be ignored at any cost!!!

As organizations need to grow faster and expand their business at a rapid rate, networking plays an essential role in this process. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time.Now the most critical question which might get invoked in the minds of some people including yours,

Should you always bond and make a connection with like-minded people?

If it’s a yes from your end, then you are mistaken as it will not help both in your personal or professional growth. It will squeeze your networking circle and limit your chances for exploring the profitable opportunities outside the known arena.

There is psychology which many of us cherish, “which does not match our taste or is not within our established business beliefs, then it has to be ignored.” In reality, it should not be the case; when you meet different people of varied industries, then you are exposed to the business opportunities which you never thought ever existed.

Find some of the unusual places where you can come across people offering a lifetime opportunity:

1) Airports:


Many of the C-level executives usually travel to different countries for business purposes, which make airports an unusual meeting place for these professionals. The waiting time before onboarding where people sit and browse on their laptop, or have their breakfast, can many times make them run into the person, offering a good business opportunity.

2) Gym:


Fitness bug had already bitten the majority of the population. Most of the B2B professionals are keenly interested in maintaining their health, given the nature of their job profile. Gyms act as a right place in breaking the ice with even introvert personality types. They can discuss fitness regime, diet, later coming up to the work profile.

3) Sports Events:


Sports are the common interest for these professionals. They can instantly strike a conversation by discussing the ongoing match, the previous one, etc.

4) Parties:


Business parties where people discuss future projects over a glass of wine is common, but have you ever thought it can even happen in private parties?

Sometimes unknowingly we attend private parties where already many high profile executives also have been invited. When you start the conversation, then only you come to know about their professional profile. So, what should you do? Take it easy, have a good conversation, exchange business cards and you never know what the future has in store?



Business networking is more about cultivating relationships with high profile executives and influencers. The relationship should exhibit mutual reciprocation where both the parties have something valuable to offer.
When you do not expand the network circle and maintain the relationship, nobody would care if out of the blue, you ask them to invest in your project.

People always value relationship when they see that the other person is just not a taker but also a giver and most of the times you feel that bond at unusual places other than business conferences, tradeshows, tech shows, etc. B2B business networking is not that easy as one has to focus on the depth of the relationship than just widening the network circle.

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