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Business Conflict among retailers during Christmas Season

In the month of December where the entire world in the mood of party. For B2B business there is drop of business, where December can be extremely difficult month. Where there is drop of business. There is loss of job among many employees inspite of them being permanent employee. This loss of employee will result in less incoming project among any organization, is the main reason for loss business among private companies.

How to prepare for holidays in your organization…………………?

Possibly the easiest solution, for a lot of companies there’s just no natural connection with the holiday season.  Santa’s not bringing any gift to anyone.

When you try and force an idea, your plans can backfire, as it’s clear that you’re just using the holidays for financial gain. Since the holidays are often connected to charitable actions, your gross attempts at drumming up business can actually hurt you.

What companies offer……………………….?

Indian firm that are American based offer   flexibility among their employees, are most likely to find that some of their clients want to take a ‘holiday’ from their organization in December. Those in optional service industries such as PR, marketing and IT will know only too well how frustrating this can be. Having over-burdening these clients throughout the year, only to find they want to put your services on hold right before the alarming tax deadline, can be dispiriting.

Dogfight among Nation

This will be a vicious dogfight among the nation’s major retailers, according to multiple sources which include those retailers themselves. A random poll, taken between November and mid December, substantiates this pessimism. American consumers told of plans to spend $704 on average this year, down from the $786 they planned a month earlier to spend, and down from $770 which they planned to spend at this time last year. There will be fewer dollars available in the marketplace and more retailers aggressively going after every penny.

Overall Effect of this season

Overall, this Christmas season will not be as merry as many had hoped, as there is drop of business among many companies. These sales will terribly affect small companies rather than larger companies. In the category of direct retail competition, small stores will find it very difficult to match big box store sale prices on specialty products which have become commodity items, like big-screen TVs, game boxes, and mobile computing and communication devices. The same is true with other popular categories like kit and home goods. That may force the small stores to offer deeper discounts post-Christmas to clear their inventories, pulling down the overall profitability of the season. In the other category of small suppliers to those big stores, programmed shipments and last-minute orders will likely be down, and payments slower as they struggle to unload their excess. In short, trickle-down economics will be in the front row of Christmas 2013 into the New Year.


Even though Christmas is a joyful festival, that festival sprit should not be mixed work. Even if employees go out for a vacation there should be back employee to complete his work. Client should not keep his work under hold and wait for New Year to approach.

If your company is providing you incentives this is the month where you will be observed for your salary hike. You can win additional cash from your company just for your regular work to enjoy your New Year eve.

In this season of benevolence, sometimes offering a discount or deal could help keep your cash flow on track.