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Brand Experience

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Social media has been highly powerful, and consumers are spending more time than ever. While brands have been proven to have higher engagement levels and greater reach, social media is been a boon for many marketers in building and maintaining the brand loyalty of a consumer.Social media is everywhere and since there is no escaping brands have started to leverage it for increasing market presence.
Without a doubt a positive online brand experience creates loyal customers. As several studies have found that majority of customers engaged in social media space – whether by participating in a contest or by liking a ‘brand’ on Facebook – tend to not only purchase the products but also make recommendations to their known ones. Evolve to promote your brand experience in the social way. Here is the detailed version, scroll to know more..

Brand Experience the Social Media Way


B2B audience always have an appetite of social integration

B2B Audience interaction with brands on Facebook and Twitter

  • 39% – Have tweeted about a brand
  • 41% – Have shared a link, video or story about a brand
  • 29% – Follow a brand
  • 29% – Have retweeted Have mentioned a brand
  • 58% – Facebook users have liked a brand
  • 42% – Have mentioned a brand in status update

Users like to talk about your brand, GIVE THEM A REASON!!


  • 25% of people are more likely to engage with brands that integrate social content into their digital properties
  • 75% of people use social media to find or share information about products and brands.


Users share only positive updates about BRANDS

  • 66% – Have 100+ friends
  • 59% – Have mentioned a brand in status update
  • 84% – active on FB daily
  • 57% – Have shared a link or video about a brand

Average for FB members have Liked a Brand

Customers trust brands that are friendly with SOCIAL MEDIA

  • 59% of people are more likely to trust a brand that integrate social media
  • 13% of people are not likely to trust a brand that integrate social media
  • 75% of people in 18 — 34 ages are more likely to buy products from brands who integrate social media
  • 63% of people are more likely to buy products from brands who integrate social media
  • 60% experiences with brands who integrate likely to share of people are more social media

How Customers Want to receive information about their FAVOURITE BRAND !

  • 32% prefer short updates
  • 27% emails
  • 22% traditional offline ads
  • 8% mailed flyers
  • 5% blogs, press releases
  • 5% video clips, youtube movies
  • 1% audio/ podcasts

Why people follow a brand ? facebook

  • 43.5% special offers/ deals
  • 23.5% current customers
  • 22.7% interesting or entertaining content
  • 6.3% friends are fan of the brand
  • 0.7% other 0.7%

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