quora How To Drive User Engagement With Social Media?

How To Drive User Engagement With Social Media?

Social Media Engagement

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social media engagement

Build Successful Campaigns with Social Media Leaders

Why Social Media?

  • SocialMedia Amplifies your Content
  • Makes Youstand out from the Crowd
  • Facilitate fast paced Networking
  • Position you as an Expert
  • Helps global word of mouth

Get Social Media Right and you shall have

  • 52% more leads when marketers spend 6+ hours a week engaging social media
  • 80% marketers confirm that social media content has been a primary factor in generating chatter and exposure for business.
  • 1/3 companies claim that Facebook is important for their business.
  • 46% of online users count on social media to inform their decision to social media before purchasing.

Social Media Outreach Users Covered so far,

  • 700 million – Facebook
  • 343 million – Google Plus
  • 288 million – Twitter
  • 200 million – Linkedin
  • 48.7 million – Pinterest

Specialize your audience and choose your medium

  • 48% of women check out a brand’s social page regularly.
  • 43% of men check out a brand’s social page regularly.

Brand Successful Campaigns – Follow these Rules


  • Tag relevant people increase the probability of being seen by users
  • Use Facebook places. people checking In would alert others about your company’s existence.
  • Promotion Can be a safe ticket for bringing attention to not so regular visitors.
  • Crossing 1k likes, average companies saw a 185% increase in traffic and nearly 1400 page views a day.


  • Stay abreast about any information that you tweet. Ignorance can be harmful.
  • Send rewards to those who tweet you favorably by retweeting them or thanking them publicly
  • Be a loyal follower of your brand and retweet users who post
  • relevant content
  • Companies that use Twitter on a average has Double Amount of leads per month


  • Build srong foundation by creating connections of relevant companies and people
  • Exploit Linkedin groups by answering questions to promote yourself as a thought leader.
  • Always keep your profile up to date so that relevant people
  • connect to you in your network

Around 1 out of 2 marketers have found a customer via Linkedin in 2013

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