How To Drive User Engagement With Social Media?      

How To Drive User Engagement With Social Media?

Social Media Engagement

By Clara Lincy | Infographics | May 24, 2013

Social media platforms are highly effective when it comes to networking and customer engagement. Not only social media helps in branding but also expands outreach, increases awareness, and helps companies to directly connect with customers and understand their individual needs and concerns. With well-planned social media strategy and value-driven content promotions, businesses can drive increased user engagement. Especially for B2B companies, Twitter and LinkedIn have proven beneficial in making new connections and growing customer base.

social media engagement

Build Successful Campaigns with Social Media Leaders

Why Social Media?

  • SocialMedia Amplifies your Content
  • Makes Youstand out from the Crowd
  • Facilitate fast paced Networking
  • Position you as an Expert
  • Helps global word of mouth

Get Social Media Right and you shall have

  • 52% more leads when marketers spend 6+ hours a week engaging social media
  • 80% marketers confirm that social media content has been a primary factor in generating chatter and exposure for business.
  • 1/3 companies claim that Facebook is important for their business.
  • 46% of online users count on social media to inform their decision to social media before purchasing.

Social Media Outreach Users Covered so far,

  • 700 million – Facebook
  • 343 million – Google Plus
  • 288 million – Twitter
  • 200 million – Linkedin
  • 48.7 million – Pinterest

Specialize your audience and choose your medium

  • 48% of women check out a brand’s social page regularly.
  • 43% of men check out a brand’s social page regularly.

Brand Successful Campaigns – Follow these Rules


  • Tag relevant people increase the probability of being seen by users
  • Use Facebook places. people checking In would alert others about your company’s existence.
  • Promotion Can be a safe ticket for bringing attention to not so regular visitors.
  • Crossing 1k likes, average companies saw a 185% increase in traffic and nearly 1400 page views a day.


  • Stay abreast about any information that you tweet. Ignorance can be harmful.
  • Send rewards to those who tweet you favorably by retweeting them or thanking them publicly
  • Be a loyal follower of your brand and retweet users who post
  • relevant content
  • Companies that use Twitter on a average has Double Amount of leads per month


  • Build srong foundation by creating connections of relevant companies and people
  • Exploit Linkedin groups by answering questions to promote yourself as a thought leader.
  • Always keep your profile up to date so that relevant people
  • connect to you in your network

Around 1 out of 2 marketers have found a customer via Linkedin in 2013

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