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When it comes to B2B marketing, the effectiveness of your campaign is almost entirely dependent on the quality of your leads. An unreliable set of B2B Sales Leads Database will undoubtedly result in unreliable and possibly disastrous results. That is why we at eSalesData have in offer the most relevant and accurate list of B2B sales leads that you can easily convert into paying customers.

Simplifying Your Targeted B2B Sales Leads Database

At eSalesData we provide consistent lead generation services for all your B2B ventures. We can also help you reach the top executives within each organization, giving your campaign a boost like no other.

    Customize your B2B Sales Leads Database based on the below selects

    Geographical Locations
    Company Size
    SIC Code/NAICS Code
    Assests Size

    Convert Opportunities into Business Deals with the Accurate B2B Database

    Organically grown leads on the other hand are time-consuming, labour-intensive and will only give you a fraction of the kind of sales you’d expect from a genuine lead generation service like eSalesData. By constructing an analysis of your business goals and proposed campaign, we can create a list that perfectly matches specifications to a particular demographic and geographic area. You can customize your B2B Sales Leads Database to make sure that the prospects you contact are genuinely interested in hearing your pitch.

    Our coverage is truly massive with North America, Europe, Asia and Australia falling under its aegis. We have data partners across the globe who provide us with highly accurate and reliable data. Furthermore, we segment the data available in our B2B Sales Leads Database into multiple specialty categories such as job title, region, gender, years of experience, etc.

    We make sure that our b2b contact list comprises complete information of prospects for running targeted campaigns. Also, we cross check all the data right at the source itself. Hence, when you think about data quality, we are the ultimate source to address your need.

    Total contacts(except USA): 1,348,267 Total counts available in USA: 55,540
    B2B Sales Leads

    Get Customized B2B Sales Leads as per Business Requirements

    Our B2B sales leads database is constantly verified, updated, refreshed and validated. This ensures that you always get to access relevant and accurate data.

    We have taken into account your hassles when it comes to narrowing down on the B2B database to find the exact contact information that you are looking for. We supply you with customized B2B sales leads info which are in keeping with your business requirements.

    The task of finding the most specific contact info of B2B sales leads that you need is simple. You only need to provide us with details like age, gender, geographical location, profession, specialty etc. and we get the most appropriate sales leads contact information ready for you. We can assure you, nowhere else can you find customized data as per your business requirements with as much ease and convenience as with us.

    The reason why you can obtain such precise and unerring customized data from us is because of how detailed and exhaustive our  database is and how well it is maintained. Our previous clients and our past track record are a testimony to the reliability and trustworthiness of our B2B leads database.

    Finding the right data can be complicated, so we are here to help you

    We endeavor to provide Best of the best mailing lists in the market that will drive success and growth both in long term and short term business ventures.

    Why Buy Business Sales Leads from eSalesData?

    Lists are updated regularly to ensure maximum deliverability

    Customized Email Lists prepared based on your specific needs

    Accurate data collected from authentic sources

    More than 3 million phone verification calls made every month

    Simplify Your Targeted B2B Sales Leads List By Following Professionals

    Compiled from diverse data-rich sources, our B2B Sales Leads List is highly qualified based on the below Professionals:


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