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B2B Lead Generation: Empower Sales Reps & Avoid Deals Buster

B2B Sales Leads

By Clara Lincy | Infographics | June 29, 2017

B2B Business stands by the rule of lead generation. Leads in the B2B world play a major role in driving sales and cracking a deal. Generating high quality leads with powerful resources plays a major role in influencing revenue throughout the entire business sales cycle.

B2B Lead Generation

Crunching Secrets — hacking Lead Generation

Generation refers to proactively creating, nurturing, and discovering interest among prospective B2B buyers in solutions that are offered, so that sales team can engage in a sales conversation .

Are you finding the Leads or Leads Find You?

  • Tired of visitors leaving website without checking products or services ?
  • Feeling huge investments of time and effort on osite going to waste?
  • Struggling with low ROI and sinking patience?

Its a Lead Technique Problem

Sound Familiar…?!!


“How did the XYZ lead generation campaign go?”

VP Marketing Responds

Great! We generated a total more than 200 leads at lower than our The leads are all a average cost per bunch of lead. And two sales people team is wasting their told me they had time following up on some hundreds of leads
really good that aren’t ready to prospects.

VP Sales Responds

“Ugh. What a total waste of time. The leads are all a bunch of downloader. My team is wasting their time following up on hundreds of leads that aren’t ready to buy.”

Lead Gen Challenges :

  • Cut Costs
  • Drive Sales
  • Cut Costs Again

Tougher than Sales Mapping Difficulties :
52% of Organization confirms that Lead generation is their #1 marketing challenges . (SOURCE: SIRIUS DECISIONS)

  • Lead Generation
  • Market Communication
  • Sales Process
  • Hiring Process
  • Product Marketing

Crack the Process Get More Leads for Less Buckle up your Marketing team

  • Cold Calling
  • Live Seminars
  • Mass Mailing
  • Trade Shows
  • Content Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • Email Publications
  • Call to Action
  • Internet Advertising

Off Track from Traditional ‘DEVELOP’ not just ‘GENERATE’ leads !!

  • Generate
  • Distribute
  • Capture
  • Nurture
  • Qualify/ Score
  • Reports

Desire More Qualified Leads Follow Steps:

Lead Forms – Data Capture
The basic completion of almost 80% of updates bought more than 40% of qualified leads .

Score & Position : Lead Scoring

Are they Suspect, Prospect or Lead ?

Route to Road: Lead Routing

The likelihood of reaching a prospect on a follow-on call goes down by 90% within one week from the initial inquiry
Over 7x improvement in sales if leads are responded to within 48 hours

Automate lead routing decreases follow-up times

Nurture to Prosper: Lead Nurturing

Leverage a rules-based marketing engine to set-up and deliver multi-track, multi-touch, multi-channel communications

Well-executed multi-channel marketing campaigns generate a sales lift ranging from 7 – 34 %
Understand your sales cycle and map your communications to your sales cycle

Lead Generation – Master the Trade, Conquer Sales

Sell the fire, not the fire extinguisher. In other words, use a soft sell approach. Just keep your leads engaged and your major battle is won!!

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