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You turn your head around, and you can encounter all the incessant talks of how content is essential for lead generation and conversion. Owing to this, marketers across the world were busy writing all sorts of material; half of which were practically copied, meaningless and excited. Everybody zested about innovative content, but still many of them kept producing “blatantly promotional,” “overly technical,” non-substantive and gated content. Then the fact strikes – “most companies lack time for producing quality content.”

Innovative content – Create faster Customers

Content innovation is emphasized but also been feared upon, and this fear arises from the fear of failure as well as fear of risk-taking. Most marketers have a very myopic knowledge about customers and prospects to anticipate their reactions accurately. Why take the risk when you can play safe right? However, imagine from a different viewpoint, how you can generate quality leads, let alone nurture them and convert them into customers when you cannot be bold enough to lead the change. To be successful, just get over the fear of innovation:

1. Avoid Self promotion

Brand positioning is an essential concept, but its importance can be proved only when you segment your customers and identify their pain points and offer them the solution they are seeking. Just then, they start opening to you and reward you with what we call engagement.

2. Manage gaps in content

It’s a matter of right time and the right place, if leads are in preliminary stage a buy and get free trial would be a waste, instead an offer of downloading a whitepaper with exciting facts, stats, trends and research material can do some good.

3. Recommendation builds credibility

Recommendations from industry peers can go a long way to build sufficient credibility. Content pieces that showcase studies share success stories and carry customer testimonials are usually a hit and a great tool to improve the chance of conversions.

4. Presentation Matters

You cannot ignore presentation. Whether you are writing an email or LinkedIn InMail, a blog spot. The style has to be directed. Accordingly, you cannot coat same paint to the content for good conversion strategy.

So has your company engaged into some truly innovative content marketing and has it delivered any impactful conversion rate. Share the story with us we would like to hear about it..