how to increase CTR

3 Tips: Email Campaign to Boom Click-Through Rates

Click through rate is one of the effective matrices of email marketing. As an email marketer, the following metrics is a successful strategy to maximize the success of your opt-in ...
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Five super tips to promote your business on flickr

5 Super Tips To Promote Your Business On Flickr

When marketing your company online at social media sites, don’t forget Flickr, the photo sharing site owned by Yahoo. Flickr is a popular photo sharing website that allows you to ...
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Tips to Grow social media audience

5 Ways to Grow Social Media Audience for Your Startup

Apart from being the voice of your brand, social media channels make it easier for businesses to be more accessible to new customers and familiar and recognizable for present customers ...
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Email Campaign Ways

11 Kickass Ways To Jumpstart Your Direct Mailing Campaign!

With the internet and mobile communication networks storming into the marketing arena, most sales professionals believe that direct mail is obsolete as a marketing tool and prefer to consign it ...
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Client Relationships

Building & Leveraging Social Capital to Develop Stronger Client Relationships

Today you’ll see that B2B concerns caught up in the heady rush of social media are doing everything possible to buff up their profiles with interesting content and branding initiatives ...
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