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How to improve customer retention with SAP technology

How to Improve Customer Retention with SAP Technology ?

Whether you are the owner of a small store in a township or the CEO of a millions of dollars worth global company, you will be fully aware that customer ...
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Why is customer retention more important than customer acquisition

Why is Customer Retention More Important Than Customer Acquisition?

One of the major marketing goals that every business focuses on is to acquire new customers.  As much as it is difficult to acquire new customers, it is exceptionally tough ...
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6 Email Marketing Metrics

6 Email Marketing Metrics and KPIs You Must Track In 2021

Emails are an excellent tool to market the brand’s products and services.  Email marketing metrics must be observed in 2021 to achieve the goals of effective email marketing campaigns when ...
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How to Improve Brand Loyalty Through Email Marketing

How to Improve Brand Loyalty through Email Marketing

One of the core aspirations of any business is to create brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is the quality through which a business retains its customers by fostering a sense of ...
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How Virtual Reality Can Transform Your Real Estate Business

Real estate business deals with buying, selling and management of land, property and buildings. Traditionally, real estate transactions follow a fixed pattern: dealer shows the clients listings, and then there ...
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