7 Simple Tips To Acquire & Retain B2B Subscribers      

7 Simple Tips To Acquire & Retain B2B Subscribers

B2B Subscribers

By Clara Lincy | Articles | May 20, 2020

As a marketer, your goal is to increase the number of subscribers, but you should also know the tactics to retain them. There are instances of customer losing interest in a brand when there is no effective communication with them.

Check out 7 best tips to acquire and maintain the subscribers:

Website sign-ups:

Customers who are not interested will never fill the form, so it is the sole responsibility of the marketer to keep in touch with them as soon as they submit the form. Try sending two or three mails at regular intervals in a week with information about your product so that they get a clear idea of the brand.

Welcome series:

This email has to shoot up soon after the sign-up. First, thanks the customer for the sign-up and introduce your brand products to him. After that regular business process can be executed in which you check with the customer about the details which he filled in the form and if any information is missing out, you can add it.

Never ask for much information:

Customers get distracted or bored out when they are asked for much information than required. It is very important to implement the strategy where you give priority to the customer with proper interaction process and asking only mandatory data.

Modal pop-up:

It is one of the creative ways for customer acquisition. Pop-ups can provide information about your brand in a short and simple way. If you want to promote any special offers and discounts, then that can be also put up in the pop-up to attract the attention of the customer. The exit pop-up has the potential for generating 600% conversion increase when compared to the normal pop-up.

Follow up:

You can follow up with the abandoners to get their email address. Most of the online shoppers are abandoning their carts in huge numbers nowadays, providing the right opportunity for marketers to accumulate a good number of data. In the message, you can remind them that they have forgotten something behind, which may include product description, and the price motivating them for going back to the shopping cart.

Getting creative:

Becoming creative is one of the best methods for acquiring the right subscribers. You can put an entry form on the Facebook page, encouraging customers for the sign-up process.


Most of the subscribers look for relevant information when they do sign up. You have to provide them with relevant information matching your industry and organization. This will keep them interested as they are getting the information which they need.


A right subscriber’s information builds up the right mailing list. So, it is essential to acquire the right subscriber and strategically maintain them so that they do not get acquired by your competitors. This process helps in maintaining long term relationship with the customers and also create a brand reputation among the new customers, further enhancing the subscribers list.

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