A Guide To Account Based Marketing      

Account Based Marketing Whitepaper

Account-based marketing (ABM) is an account-specific business strategy that today’s marketing team use for a focused approach towards individual customer accounts. Here, marketers treat the individual customer as a market itself and indulge in developing content, campaigns, and events dedicated to that particular account and not as the industry as a whole.

ABM helps businesses create targeted products and services for a highly targeted set of customers for maximum effectiveness in generating responses and quality leads. It allows organizations to efficiently align their marketing and sales activities for the maximum success of their campaigns.

Marketing has been through a drastic transformation in the recent past. While digital marketing channels have replaced traditional marketing techniques, the approach towards customers has also changed quite a lot. Now marketers no longer invest in developing generic campaigns targeting the mass audience. Instead, they focus on personalized approach focusing on the individual customer account for targeted marketing.

As marketing has become a customer-centric one where priority is given only to what the audience wants, B2B marketers are embracing account-based marketing (ABM) technique to run insightful campaigns. For adding a personal touch to their campaigns, marketers need to design solutions that are in accordance with customer insights. And to study each profile, the way they undertake the process has changed making way for more specific appeal.

With this whitepaper, we provide a detailed overview of account-based marketing technique so that it helps marketers in better understanding of this evolving approach in the field of marketing. Here are the key points covered in this whitepaper:

  • What is ABM?
  • What Does ABM Mean for the B2B Market?
  • Working Mechanism of ABM
  • Key ABM Strategies

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