Impact of B2B Social Media Marketing in 2018      

6 Trends that’s Going to Impact B2B Social Media Marketing in 2018

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By Clara Lincy | Blog | June 11, 2018

The informal nature of social media channels made it unsuitable for business-to-business (B2B) communications and was predominantly used by business-to-consumer (B2C) companies for conducting brand promotions. But as we all know nothing in this world is constant, the shift in approach towards social media from a B2B perspective was bound to change and of course for the all the right reason.

Like any other industry, social media marketing has been a resourceful platform for B2B marketers, helping them explore new opportunities, strengthen relationships with their target audience, and create brand awareness at both regional and global levels. For businesses, the primary purpose of establishing their social presence was much more than just increasing their outreach and gaining popularity. Instead, it acted as their medium to leave a transformational impact on the market through launching new products, establishing connections, developing credibility and most significantly offering quality products to all in need.

As we enter 2018, let’s have a look at the six trends that may change the way you optimized social media for promotional campaigns.

Dramatic Decline in Organic Reach

Social media’s popularity has increased manifold over the years. Not only B2C, but even B2B companies are spending a considerable part of their budget on social media campaigns to promote their products and services, engage with the audience and expand their market reach. But in the recent years, there has been a drastic fall in the organic reach of Facebook pages which estimated to be 52 percent in the year 2016, and the number is likely to increase in 2018. This change is a result of not only the algorithms updates and rising competition but also because of the transformation in the way businesses use social media and the way users consume it. Sharing generic content on all the platforms is also responsible for the decrease in organic reach of your posts related to your business.

Before this rising trend adversely affects your business, as a marketer you need to leave your short-term strategies behind and focus on sharing unique content for each site so that readers are not driven to some blog page or landing page to read your content. Instead, they can stay on the same platform which will prevent their attention from getting diverted. Make sure that you know what content works for your targeted audience and be clear about where to post it.

More Businesses will Leverage User-Generated Content

A trend that’s making news is the increasing use of on leveraging user-generated content for keeping followers engaged on their social media profiles. Asking customers to review your product or service and sharing the positive ones on social media sites can help in strengthening your relationship with both new and existing customers.
Notably, in the field of digital marketing, publishing user-generated content can help marketers to win customer trust, motivating them to promote your brand among friends and families. According to statistics report, about 48 percent of Americans use social media network to interact with institutions or companies.

So, even in 2018, you can expect to see this emerging trend making its presence felt in the social media marketing landscape across various industries.

Increase in Employment of Influencer Marketing Strategy

In 2018, don’t be surprised to see more companies integrating influencer marketing into their social media marketing strategy. In other words why won’t they? Social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are considered to be the most preferred channels for influencer marketing. If you don’t explore the opportunities these social sites provide, then you certainly need to review your strategy.

Customers look up to influencer’s opinions on social media sites before making a purchase decision. That’s the kind of impact and reach; the social media influencers have on their millions of followers on various platforms. Not only the startups, even the big names in the industry turn to influencers to encourage them for promoting their brand to their followers and are ready to pay a hefty amount for the same purpose.

Marketers employing influencer marketing has seen considerable growth in their social media presence. Increased customer engagement and extended market reach are some of the positive outcomes of it. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that influencer marketing will dominate social media marketing space even in 2018.

Video Content Popularity Will Continue to Grow

In the words of the CEO of the social giant, Facebook’s majority of content will consist of videos by 2018. As users, today, prefer watching a video than reading just text. So, we can expect B2B marketers to spend more on generating quality video content in latest formats.

Even with B2B prospects, social media networking is popular. They also prefer watching videos to obtain more information about the product and its features before finalizing a deal. And when it comes to the device they mostly use to watch product demo video; mobile video tops the chart. Hence, right from the start of the year, marketers should incorporate video content into their marketing strategy. By doing so, they can prepare themselves for creating relevant videos in multiple formats quite often to draw maximum attention.

Going to See Lot More of Live Streaming

Live streaming is a trending concept across among people of all ages, profession, and industry. Be it sharing a personal life event or a business seminar or conference, the dominance of live videos is noticeable. With the live streaming, brands can enjoy increased organic reach, more social media traffic, and faster revenue generation. The brands that do not have a proper social media strategy will face failures.

Therefore, it won’t be a surprise to see more and more B2B organizations going live for their social promotions. Such a trend will felicitate noteworthy investments in the growing live-streaming market. Hence, we can expect to see live streaming options available on other social channels in the coming days.

Ephemeral Content will Dominate the News Feed

Snapchat introduced the concept of ephemeral content that stands for visual content in any format. Ephemeral content refers to images or videos that last only for some time before disappearing altogether. Though some predicted the trend to fail, it made its way into the list of success stories. And soon other platforms like Facebook and Instagram starting following the same footsteps and focused more on promoting short-lived content.

The authenticity and exclusivity of ephemeral content make it useful in keeping customers engaged. By triggering the fear of missing out something valuable among its users, ephemeral content successfully creates a sense of urgency. A sense of immediate need compels the audience to take faster actions. They may respond by clicking the buy now button or the email newsletter subscription box. The use of short-lived content can help in gaining customers trust and generating quality leads in the year 2018.

The Ending Note!
So, how are you planning to promote your business on social media in 2018? Are you ready to be a part of the change? If you don’t want to lose social media popularity, then stay in sync with the latest trends and strategies.
Tip: Invest more in paid ad campaigns across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and all other social channels. Also, employ strategies to boost influencer strategies and publish more ephemeral content.


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