6 Plan of Action to Prepare Small Business for Memorial Day      

6 Plan of Action to Prepare Small Business for Memorial Day Weekend

How to Prepare Your Small Business for Memorial Day Weekend

By Clara Lincy | Articles | May 24, 2019

Memorial Day is a special day, which is marked to commemorate the soldiers who lost their lives while serving the nation. As the weekend stretches for more than one day, there are ample opportunities for small businessess to cash in, and generate good revenue for the organization. One can gain some handsome profits by strategizing their marketing plan in acquiring the right customers.

Find out some invaluable tricks that can work wonders for your business:

1.Holidays for consumers are not holidays for marketers!!!! 

Weekend holidays make up that time when customers at their convenience buy new products or services. They have enough time to spare after their week-long hectic schedule. You, as a marketer, have to convert this opportunity into sale with advanced planning. Ask your employees if any of them are willing to work on the weekends and then provide these employees week-off on alternate days. Many of these employees do not have plans for the big weekend, so they readily agree; you can make it even more attractive by giving them incentives, gifts, etc. This step will motivate the employees to give their best and make the day a GREAT SALE DAY.

2.Offers, discounts:

It has been an old tactic for attracting consumers with exclusive discounts, gifts, offers, and others. How can you make it different for gaining the attention of your customer?

  • Make fewer offers but bigger discounts. This will increase the desirability of your offer.
  • Give the right discount on brand name products without hurting your overall margin.
  • Focus on the consumer markets such as the customers who do not get motivated to purchase the product easily. Providing these customers an attractive discount will compel them to go for your product.

3.Revamping the memorial deals:

You have to revamp the memorial deals from the beginning as the same old tactics might not work this Memorial Day weekend. Most of the times, deals attract customers who are already thinking to buy your service; your mission is to pull those customers who are de-motivated to buy your product not because of the price but due to other factors. Try connecting with these customers like understanding the lack of their interest. It might be they didn’t get the quality service in their last purchase, or the product was not up to their expectation, etc. You can develop the deal plan like “Purchase our product with free service offer every month until a year.

4.Supporting the military, in a genuine way:

Whenever Memorial Day or Armed Forces Day arrives, as a citizen, we try showing our patriotic side. Marketers can encash this opportunity by supporting it in a genuine way which does not seem to be too promotional and at the same time, makes your brand visible to the customers.

5.Inventory as per requirement

Holiday sale means a good number of inventory…..

Don’t you think that there should be a strategy for stocking the right number of inventory in this peak period?

As a marketer, you should see that the inventory number is not too high or low, as low inventory can reduce your profit margin and high one can lead to overstocking of the products difficult to maintain.

6.Getting social:

Holidays make up the best time for posting social content. As a marketer posting interesting content aligned with Memorial Day theme and about your services can be a huge booster for your marketing campaign. Developing content and articles celebrating the holiday or providing some interesting information about history, facts with fun about different ways of celebrating a holiday can put your brand at the forefront of the business.


Preparation for the Memorial Day weekend can be a great opportunity for small businesses. The day has to be planned in a unique way of making it a memorable and pleasing experience for the customers. As a growing business, you have to generate good revenue by attracting potential customers with different approach and strategy. This can be through valued irresistible offers and discounts.

Best results can be achieved with a rightful and effective plan for being implemented and completely integrated into the business process.


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