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6 Hot Facebook Apps That Should Not Be Ignored

fb apps to be ignored

By Clara Lincy | Articles | July 24, 2014

Facebook timeline has settled into the hearts and minds of many, but businesses are still wondering how to enhance their pages. I can understand the problems, because it’s been proved that having a Facebook profile in not just enough. You need to have some specific apps that can work wonders to your business. This article will be focused on such apps that should be used while promoting the products and services on Facebook. So, let’s discuss!

Broadcast and Viddler:

Both are video sharing platforms. In vBroadcast, you can show live shows on the Facebook page and profile, and share it with fans and friends. With Viddler web application, you can upload and share digital media with Facebook fans. However, ensure that you have the rights and permissions to upload and share the videos; otherwise, it will be a violation of Facebook policies.

IFrame Apps:

IFrame Apps lets you add up to two custom tabs to your page. It’s similar to the Hosted iFrame app above, but also offers true iFrame functionality. This is great if you already have a website and would like to manage the content and pages outside of Facebook. You can specify an URL and that web page will be displayed when visitors click on the custom tab.

Update from other social media networks:

Avid social media users and freelancers may add great updates from other networks to their Facebook account or page. Embed YouTube, Flickr or Twitter steam on Facebook via its apps. Enrich your Facebook profile with useful links, video or images. Besides, you can automatically transmit all information saving time on double update publishing and sync all your social media channels.

Google Maps:

If you are running a brick and motor business, and rely on a lot of “walk-in’ traffic, make it easy for your fans to find your shop by including the “Google Maps” app in your timeline. On a serious not I would suggest, even you have any big business a Google maps app is must for your Facebook profile. It shows the discipline and how serious you are about your company.

Twitter App:

A Twitter app on your Facebook page is a must-have, to give your Facebook fans some quick and juicy info from your business. Just remember, don’t link your Twitter and FB accounts! Try to kept them separate, but giving them valuable information as a summary of your twitter post is must.

Social plugins!

You can add a contact tab to your Page with a contact form so visitors can send you a message with questions or comment. They could simply send a regular Facebook message, but the Contact Form app can prompt them for their contact details. You can also add text and an image, so that it will be eye candy for the visitors.

The comments plugin lets visitors comment on the content of your Web page, and it also auto posts the comments to their Wall so their friends will se. other plugins include Activity Feed, Recommendations, Like Box, Login Button, Registration, Facepile and Live Stream.



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