6 B2B Telemarketing Tips for Successful Appointment Setting      

6 B2B Telemarketing Tips for Successful Appointment Setting

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By Clara Lincy | Blog | July 14, 2019

Any business relationship starts with customer engagement. One such tool for connecting and interacting with the prospect is telemarketing in which salesperson pitches their company products and services to clients through phone calls or over face-to-face business meeting for which setting a prior appointment is required. Now, convincing prospects to take up calls and that too agree for setting an appointment is the real challenge for the salespeople.

Business appointments give sales representatives the chance to meet the client in-person and address their queries and concerns through the direct meeting. During face-to-face meet up, it is easier to understand the prospect’s emotions and reactions. It also helps to adjust the sales pitch according to customer profile and pitch them according to what they are looking for.

As most of the appointment scheduling for your B2B communication happens over the phone, telemarketing strategy has to be effective, and the role of the caller is significant here. Success depends on how the caller interacts and convinces in setting up the appointment. Any mistake on the caller’s part may end up annoying the clients and thus losing one opportunity to sell.

So, here are some six telemarketing practices using which businesses can set B2B appointments with prospects seamlessly.

Be Prepared to Convince


Preparation is the key to ensure success while setting an appointment with your B2B client for a face-to-face meeting. In order to get the prospect’s appointment, sales representatives need to be prepared and aware of what to say and how to pitch for sale prior to making the call. Every detail has to be discussed and thought of while trying to set an appointment with the targeted audience. The call should comprise elements that the audience will find interesting and thus would take up the call and may also give a date to meet up. To do all this successfully, sales reps or telemarketers need to be well prepared to take up the task.

One should remember that not everyone will find what you offer in the call relevant. Even many clients may not like cold calling and would expect a personal touch. That is why before calling, representatives must research about the prospect to understand their needs and accordingly tailor the telemarketing campaign. Listening carefully to prospect’s questions and needs is essential while trying to set an appointment over the call as it will help to anticipate what the customer wants.

Seek the Right Time to Talk


Do not rush into a sales pitch as soon as the prospect receives your call. First, ask them whether it is a good time to talk to them, and based on their response, you can plan. Jumping onto sales conversation even without understanding if the prospect is busy or engaged in some work will only invite adverse reaction. For instance, the salesperson can address the client with questions like “Is it the right time to talk?”

But often sales reps do not ask such questions and starts with their sales efforts right from the start of the call. They think that the prospect may say no and they would miss the chance to pitch. If the customer is really interested but can’t talk at that moment, then they will ask you to call later. You can leverage this opportunity and know the exact time and date when you can call to convey your message. Also, if the prospect readily agrees for the meet up, you should be ready with flexible dates that may be convenient for the client. You should be prepared with different time slots from where interested customers can select their schedule for further conversation.

Have an Accurate B2B Contact List


The success of your B2B lead generation campaign greatly relies on the accuracy and quality of your contact list or telemarketing database. Calling everyone isn’t going to fetch satisfactory results. Having a targeted database comprising the valid contacts of customers who are relevant for your products and services is required. Once, you have the right information; you can do your research and plan for how to convince the client for a meeting through your telemarketing campaigns.

Setting an appointment can become a tedious job if you waste time calling wrong customers or if the contact details you have are inactive or irrelevant. Hence, it is always advised to get a customized contact list of your prospects from reliable vendors like eSalesData. If you build your own database, then keeping it up-to-date or cleaning it regularly is going to be a time-consuming affair. So, to save time and focus on campaign execution, it is better to rely on professional help. With right contacts, getting an appointment for a face-to-face business talk gets easier.

Be Courteous and Not Aggressive


Salespeople should be careful about the way they talk and the words they use if they are trying to set an appointment with their prospects. They should show consistency and steadfast determination in displaying their core skills. It is necessary for the caller to be courteous while pitching the prospect as too much aggressiveness and pressure building on the customer may end up making them feel uncomfortable and annoyed. In the first attempt only, you may not be successful in getting the client’s appointment, but that doesn’t mean you will bully or force the customer into agreeing on something. For busy customers, always do a follow-up and make sure you choose the right words, language, and tactics to persuade the prospect. A positive outcome is what you must aim, and for that, being rude or implementing an aggressive strategy is a big no for sales executives.

Particularly in a B2B setup, your targeted audience can be a company CEO in most of the cases, and if they find your telemarketing campaign over the board or pressurizing, then they are definitely going to get annoyed.

Prepare a Dynamic Script


Setting B2B appointments isn’t easy as the prospects here are not just consumers they are company decision-makers and executives. Hence, callers need a good and dynamic script to win the prospect and convince them for an appointment. And to prepare a good script, salespeople need to know their targets well so that accordingly they can develop a dynamic script that addresses customer pain points.

Callers need to research about the prospect and use the inputs to map their telephone conversation with the client so that their communication efforts helps to get an appointment. It is because of a good script that sales chances may increase. If call interactions go well, then the task to convince clients for a person-to-person meet up gets easier.

Make Use of Internal Referrals


Without any reference, reaching out to the business prospect that too for the first time can be tough. When someone refers your business to the targeted prospect, they are most likely to trust your presence and believe in your products and services. Getting referrals is possible within the network itself. If you have someone within the targeted company, you can ask them to refer your brand. Doing so makes the job easier for sales professionals. Also, when you try reaching out to the prospect via telemarketing campaigns or any other medium, you are unlikely to get rejected. This helps in securing an appointment with your enterprise of choice to whom you want to sell your products. Hence, even callers can make use of referrals so that their calls don’t go unheard or ignores.

Concluding Note


B2B appointment provides business enterprises an opportunity to pitch directly to the prospect face-to-face and try converting them into paying customers. Both parties discuss every aspect of the potential deal transparently. However, getting a client’s appointment without a proper strategy is difficult and time-consuming. Especially in the B2B industry, where sales reps have to set an appointment with company decision-makers, the job gets tougher. In order to reach top officials, marketers and salespeople may have to pass through many intermediaries and convince them to pass the call to the person concerned. But with effective B2B telemarketing strategy and practices in place, nothing is impossible.

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