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5 Ways to Grow Email List for Your Small Business


By Clara Lincy | Articles | May 2, 2018

Email marketing alone can generate more revenue than the combined effort of social media and other marketing channels. That is why half of the population is using email for communication, and the number is expected to grow by 2020. Especially in the B2B sphere, marketers consider email as the most effective channel that allows them to connect with the prospect directly.

However, marketers can make effective use of email marketing campaigns only when they have subscribers. You need to have a list of email subscribers who have permitted to send them email campaigns. There are various ways that marketers can deploy to generate quality subscribers. From offering free content to promotional campaigns, growing your email list can be seamless if you follow the right methods.

Moreover, the approach also varies from business to business. With budget restraints and other limitations, the task of getting more subscribers can turn into a challenge for small business. Here are the following ways that are perfect for small businesses to expand their B2B email database.

Offer opt-in incentive to join your list

Today, convincing people to let your emails into their inbox is not an easy job. There are many selling the same product or service which you may be selling. Hence, bringing your email message into the notice of the receiver becomes challenging than before. You will have to make serious efforts to encourage your targeted audience join your email list and allow you to send emails.

Therefore, the best way to convince new customers to sign up for your email newsletter is to offer them attractive incentives. You can offer opt-in incentives, discounts, coupons, etc. to lure them into agreeing for receiving of future communication from your brand. But remember, the same offer may not work for all. The needs and preferences of people vary from company to company. Hence, craft your incentive plan according to the individual customer profile.

Ensure that the opt-in form is on every web page

No matter through which medium the customer communicates with your brand. Make sure that the opt-in form of your email newsletter or the subscription form is available everywhere. So that without having to switch to a new page, the customer can sign up from any page on your website.

Be it the home page or the service page, don’t forget to embed the opt-in box on every page of your website. You can either add the subscription box vertically on the top of the navigation column or at the footer of the web page. Wherever you place the opt-in box, ensure that it is clearly visible to the visitor.

Use tablet app to boost sign-ups

Rather than using printed sign-up sheet, businesses should use a sign-up app that runs on tablet and mobile phone. The reason is that printed sign-ups can leave a negative impression on the customer if the handwriting is not good.
Moreover, if you add incentive offers before and after the checkout via the app, people will be more encouraged to subscribe to your services.

Run a Contest

Have you got a large number of social media followers? If yes, then you can leverage the follower’s base to increase the count of your email marketing list. A compelling and well-strategized contest run on Facebook can help you fetch 300-500 new email subscribers at a go. Running contests on popular social site like Facebook is the best way to extract the email addresses of your followers.

However, if the idea of a contest seems less appealing or out of the budget for your small business, then you can collaborate with other companies for a joint venture and share the profit equally.

Offer quality content

Content is king only when it’s unique and of high quality. One of the best ways to attract more subscribers to your email list is to publish and share informative content. In the beginning, you can offer free guides and whitepapers to all the visitors visiting your social profile or website. If they find the content engaging, they will come back for more. Hence, this is the opportunity which you can use to boost your email list. You can ask them to subscribe to receive such excellent content pieces in the future which they will readily do.

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